Chances are your next job will require Salesforce skills

Jobs calling for Salesforce skills are growing faster and pay more than overall jobs, according to a new Burning Glass report.

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[UPDATE: See here for the latest figures around the demand for Salesforce talent]

Technology is rapidly changing the skills you need to get work done. You’ll find the evidence written all over any new job listing or career path you pursue. But what are the most important skills to learn and how can you keep up with the pace?

As businesses rush headfirst to embrace the future of mobile, big data, IoT, and AI, Salesforce skills are becoming some of the hottest skills to have on your resume. In fact, according to IDC, Salesforce and our broader ecosystem will create nearly 2 million jobs over the next five years. By learning these in-demand Salesforce skills, you’ll be able to stay on the top of your technology game and land high paying jobs.

Ready to geek out for a moment? It’s time to dig into some data.

Burning Glass Technologies, a labor-market analysis firm, researched the demand for Salesforce skills in the job market by reviewing 27 million unique job postings collected over a 12 month period (July 1, 2015 — June 30, 2016). What did they find? Jobs requiring Salesforce skills are growing faster than overall job postings and these jobs pay more than jobs that don’t require Salesforce skills.

Read this “Salesforce Skills are a Platform to Better Jobs” report

Want to read the full report? Here you go!

If you’re just looking for the highlights, keep on reading.

Last year, over 300,000 new jobs called for Salesforce skills

Which Salesforce skills? We’re talking anything from from basic end-user level understanding of Salesforce products — like tracking sales opportunities or running reports — to more advanced software development skills — like building or integrating apps.

What type of jobs? Demand for Salesforce skills spans multiple functional areas including sales, IT, marketing, business management, and operations.

What about cutting-edge jobs? Salesforce skills are driving the future of new careers such as IT project managers who support Salesforce implementations or Business Intelligence analysts who dive into customer insights.

Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand software skill

… up from 18th just four years ago (excluding Microsoft Office). According to Burning Glass, “that puts Salesforce demand ahead of IT stalwarts such as Python, .Net, and C++, and in line with commonly used applications such as Adobe Photoshop.”

Jobs calling for Salesforce skills are growing 1.3x faster than the overall market

Which roles are growing the fastest? Since 2012, the demand for Salesforce admins and developers has tripled, while the demand for Salesforce business analysts has quadrupled.

What about non-technical roles? Even in roles where Salesforce is a complementary skill, such as sales rep or marketing specialist, the demand is growing. The number of sales rep job postings calling for Salesforce skills increased twice as much as all sales representative postings over this same period.

Salesforce skills lead to competitive salaries

On average, jobs with Salesforce skills pay more than $70,000 per year:

  • Developer roles pay an average salary of over $100,000 per year.
  • Admin salaries are just below $100,000.
  • Sales roles offer 8% higher salaries than other sales roles.
  • IT roles carry an 11% salary premium.
  • Specific advanced skills, such as Visualforce and Sales Cloud, command salaries over $100,000.

In short, Salesforce skills are in high demand and there’s no sign of this growth stopping anytime soon. That’s why it’s no surprise that Indeed ranked Salesforce Admin and Developer in their top 10 best jobs of 2017.

Ok, ready to learn some Salesforce skills?

By now, you’re probably wondering how you can brush up on some Salesforce skills, right?

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