Replying to Votes

A Treeo (get it for your iPhone!) is a special type of poll where there are 3 things to vote on, and 3 buckets to categorize them into. Once you vote on a Treeo, you can compare how you voted to the popular vote results, but more importantly, you can see how your vote compared directly to your friends and other people who also voted on this same Treeo.

Can you believe there used to be old-style polling apps that never showed you how your friends voted too? What’s the point! Flintstones vs. Jetsons baby, and we’re the future.

In a previous post, we showed what vote results look like and in this post we’re going to walk through how to reply to someone’s vote.

Here’s a perfect example. My friend Raul completely disagreed with my vote on this fun snack food Treeo so now it’s time for me to light him up and let him know what I think of his crazy food opinion.

First, I tap on the reply arrow on the right side of his vote. That brings up a vote reply panel where I can choose to fire off some quick-tap emoji or I can bring up the keyboard and roast him in a more subtle way.

After I hit send, I’m done! The reply is fired off to Raul and when he receives it, it’ll be displayed on the Activity area of the app alongside my vote on that Treeo so he can understand why I replied how I did.

Not only can I see vote Reactions that I’ve been sent (left screenshot) but I’m alerted to votes that my friends make after me on any given Treeo, and also any votes on Treeos that I made, displayed in a dedicated Votes area on the Activity (bell) tab.

Happy voting!

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