Guide: Get on the new web

A detailed guide through unknown lands

The Ol’ Book O’ Trips will show you the way

Let’s start a journey together, shall we?

We are taking you from the legacy internet to the new internet.
We are taking you From Web2 to Web3.

Does this sound too epic?
Well, it is epic.

Web2 is the web of the mega corporations.
You know it well: you live in it, and you have probably realized it has some shortcomings when it comes to personal freedom and ownership.

Web3 is the web of individuals organizing in communities.
I know, hippies, weed, long hair and stuff.
Not exactly.
To me it’s the web of immense endeavors managed by people, on flat networks.
Wine, ale and mead.
Each individual is sovereign and whatever she adds to the network, makes it stronger and richer.
So, she also becomes stronger and richer.
No one owns her account, listing, reviews and so on.

You will probably make more money on Web3 than you ever made on Web2.
Guess why: we are leaving behind the value extracting machines.

Hierarchical (pyramidal) organizations scale well, until to a point, after that they start imposing one-model-fits-them-all to everyone on the planet, no matter what.
The king loses touch with the people and goes mad.

Flat organizations scale virtually forever and are more resilient.
People never lose touch with people.

So, which is better? None, it depends on the use case.
One has a long history, another is fairly new and still experimental.
Few have gone that way.
Still, there are several projects worth millions, even billions, of dollars managed in this way.

To join the launch of our Booking DAO, you first need to get on board of Web3.
You’ll need to learn a few things, but you only need to learn them once.
After that you’ll be a web3 citizen before 99% of your peers.
That gives you a hedge at a very low cost in terms on money and time.

Don’t be afraid

“Thou shall operate a wallet with immense rejoicing in your heart”

You learned to access a computer once, and then you used this knowledge to access thousands of websites.
You learned to use a smartphone once, and then you downloaded hundreds of apps.
Likewise, you will learn to access Web3 only once and this will open the door for you to the internet of the future.
In your first real world use case you will participate in the Booking DAO experiment.
You will be able to move magic internet money.

Let’s start!

As a first step we are releasing a guide.
You can follow it step by step by yourself and ask for help in Discord (#support) or Telegram.
We will also do some Webinars, which you may find easier to follow.
Subscribe on YouTube for those.
Here’s the first two lessons:

  1. How to set up a wallet for Trips
  2. How to easily buy crypto with a credit card or bank account

These two are enough to get ready.
Later on we will teach you to join the Booking DAO.

If in the meantime you want to dig a bit deeper, feel free to follow also these two:

  1. How to buy Trips
  2. How to earn more Trips by participating in the market




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