First TRON super representative appears

The first TRON super representative appeared today — CryptoDiva became the first community node which generated blocks. After GRs are all replaced by the elected SRs, TRON will officially launch.

CryptoDiva is the world’s leading blockchain capital group, which is based on the CryptoDiva Foundation and provides financial services for the blockchain capital market. Young bestseller writer ALi was the co-founder of CryptoDiva.

He was also the lecturer and trainer of New Oriental Group, the founder of koolearn, debater in qipashuo, the young writer, and the president of Peking University English Association.

It is reported that TRON will elect a total of 27 super representatives out of 100 candidates, with the number of votes updated every 6 hours.

We welcome all our community to contribute to the elections, here is a tutorial to learn how to vote on our Explorer.