Mainnet Bias Plan

TRON Core Devs
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2 min readFeb 29, 2024

The TRON community expects to release the GreatVoyage-v4.7.4(Bias) version in Q1, 2024. The final contents and features of the new version have not yet been fully determined and are still under discussion. Please refer to the latest progress here.

Bias will introduce multiple important updates. The gRPCurl tool calling will be supported and module dependency will be refactored, bringing lower complexity of TRON core protocol development. New features of unsolidified block number checking and adding code version columns to HelloMessage will further improve the stability of network consensus. The vote reward withdrawal speed will be improved, and meanwhile optimizing the network performance of throughput.

gRPCurl tool calling support

The Bias will support gRPC reflection service. Users can directly use the gRPCurl tool to make grpc interface calls, simplifying the complexity of user-node interaction.

Clearer module dependencies

The Java-tron code is divided into multiple modules, each module has its own dependencies, but currently there are situations where dependencies are declared multiple times in multiple modules. The Bias version reconstructs the Gradle dependencies of each module and deletes duplicate dependency statements, making the code dependencies clearer and enabling unified management of dependencies to reduce maintenance costs.

Faster vote reward withdrawal

To further improve the calculation performance of vote reward, TRON community has initiated a TIP-635 to optimize calculation performance for vote rewards. It is expected to significantly improve the calculation performance of the voting rewards, and improve the TPS of the overall network. For details, please refer to here.


The GreatVoyage-v4.7.4 (Bias) version is expected to reduce the complexity of TRON core protocol development, further improve the stability of network consensus, improve vote reward withdrawal speed, and greatly optimize the performance of the TRON network.