🚀 Product Update: PhotoGrid, Apple TV, & more

Luke Chesser
Oct 31, 2016 · 3 min read

Our October Week 5 product update that we share internally with the Crew team, keeping them up to date on the product changes to Unsplash over the past week.

The PhotoGrid

After joining the team last week, Joshua Comeau took on the behemoth task of building out the new PhotoGrid component: a new way of presenting photos that we’ll be using to power the Following feed and future feeds.

An example of what the PhotoGrid component will look like in action.

To give you an idea of how smart the PhotoGrid component is, Kirill Zakharov built a model of all of the possible layout permutations.

That’s a lot of layouts.

On Josh’s side, he then translated that spec into a working component that instantly adapts to whatever content is passed into it (tested with some pretty nicely annotated tests too ✅).

👌 🎩

Unsplash for Apple TV released

We officially launched Unsplash for Apple TV, after approval from Apple last weekend.

It’s one of the first official apps to use React Native for tvOS, making it easy for our entire team to contribute to the design and development of future versions, since it shares similar tooling to unsplash.com.

Photo by Samuel Zeller

To download the app, search for Unsplash in the App Store on your 4th generation Apple TV.

Curated Collections makeover

Kirill and Naoufal Kadhom gave the curated collection’s page a makeover, adding descriptions, a new header cover photo, and removing the curator card, to make the next collection more discoverable.

TTU: 5.61M minutes (+1.16% over the same week a month ago)

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