How to Embed using Vizor 360

We love seeing the things you create using Vizor 360, and have worked to make embedding a published project to thewebsite of your choice easier.

This post will address some of the most popular websites you might already be using (Medium, Wordpress, Squarespace, Reddit).

Here is how you do it on Medium.

Step 1: Type in the URL of your project onto a new post.
Step 2: Press return.

Here’s a handy little Animated GIF showing how easy it is to embed a Vizor 360 project on Medium

Embed your Vizor 360 project on Wordpress

Step 1: Add a new page.
Step 2: Switch to HTML-editing.
Step 3: Paste in the Embed code of your Vizor 360 project (You get this from publishing the project and clicking on “Copy Embed Link” while in the editor)
Step 4: Press Publish on Wordpress.

And this is how you do it with Squarespace.

Step 1: Click on +.
Step 2: Click on Add Video.
Step 3: Type in the URL of your Vizor 360 project.
Step 4: Customise to your heart’s content, don’t forget to click on Apply.

Add a Video block to your Squarespace page and type in your Vizor 360 URL!

Reddit also supports Vizor 360 via Embedly

Step 1: Click on Submit a New Link.
Step 2: Type in the URL of your project.
Step 3: Click on Submit.
Step 4: Wait a few seconds and refresh your browser page to see your embed in full effect.

A 360 panoramic tour made with Vizor 360, posted on /r/gaming