The week that was — 6/10/2018

If you missed our previous update, head over here — Weekly update 6/03/2018.

This week Vanig got reviewed by multiple ICO rating and review websites. We had our CEO do an AMA session and we started contests for the community in our Telegram channel. We are also going very well on the private sale. Read on.

Vanig Project reviews

We are excited to share that Vanig has recently been reviewed by multiple ICO rating and review websites and the reviews have been overwhelming positive.

Here is a summary –

1. ICO Rating : Hype Score — Very High.

2. ICO Marks : 9.4 out of 10. With 10 on 10 for Team.

3. ICO Bench : 4.8 out of 5.

4. Track ICO : 5 out of 5.

5. ICO Research Center Review — Very positive with a detailed review of our ICO.

Head over to our Blog for details on the above ratings and link to the ratings. We are only getting started lot more ratings and reviews are expected over the next two weeks.

Executive Team AMA

Each week we are having our executive team join in Thursdays for an AMA session in our Telegram channel. So far we have had AMA with our founders Prem Sekaran and Vinodh KR last week, CEO Dan Ramierz this week and we have had some good interactive discussions with the community during the session.

Next week on 6/14, we will have an AMA with our CTO Geof Rainey and Chief Solutions Architect Don Quartiere. Head over to our Telegram or follow any of our social media accounts for timings of the AMA. If you are technically inclined, this one is for you.

We started contests in our Telegram channel

We have started contests in our Telegram channel from this week, to engage the community more and also to reward active participants. We had two days of Quizes this week and there is lot more planned in the upcoming weeks for rewarding active and creative participants. Stay tuned to our Telegram channel for more updates.

Potential partners and investors

Vanig is currently in private sale phase and has seen very good interest from very many investors, VCs, family offices and accredited investors as well, with several in different stages of discussion. We will have very positive news to share with you over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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