Week that was — 5/27/2018

If you missed our previous update, head over here — What May we had!

We start this week with some exciting news on the executive team front, we have a new Chief Strategy Officer coming with decades of retail, E-Commerce, Supply Chain and Technology experience, our MVP is inching closer to public release and receiving great feedback so far. Read on for details.

Appointment of William Philip Abraham

Vanig is proud to announce that William Philip Abraham a true visionary in Retail and Technology is joining Vanig as Chief Strategy Officer. Phil has a long list of accomplishments ranging from creating one of the world’s top supply chain management systems — Manugistics to leading both Kmart & Wal-Mart in implementing many of his cutting-edge ideas. He has also played instrumental roles in General Motors and Dominos Pizza.

William will help with strategy and vision at Vanig, playing a crucial role in this young and ambitious company.

MVP one step closer and demo to folks

We updated last week that we are making great progress on our MVP, this week we provided an early preview of our MVP to potential investors and existing partners. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The enormous effort that the team put in over the last year has come to fruition. We will soon be able to release it to public. Watch out for next week update for the MVP release date.

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