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Exploring the 2020 Digital Health Sector

H1 Deep Dive on the Global Digital Health Sector Landscape

In the past, White Star Capital has published reports on key venture geographies, from New York/US East Coast to Southeast Asia to Germany. Now, we are delighted to share the first in our series of sector reports, diving into the Digital Health sector. This report not only focuses on the global ecosystem, but dives into sector focuses such as Virtual Care, Mobile Health, Software and Communication, while also exploring the outlook of the sector from North America, Europe and Asia.

At White Star, our Digital Health portfolio includes startups such as Parsley Health, a NY-based provider of holistic personalized care who recently raised $26 million in Series B funding; Dialogue, Canada’s leading telemedicine platform; Echo, the UK’s leading disease condition management platform acquired by McKesson Corporation; and Himedi, a Seoul-based medical tourism platform.

In addition to sharing our excitement for the Digital Health sector, the report digs into some key findings and insights around the sector, including:

  • There has been over $110bn+ in Digital Health VC funding over the last 3 years, accounting for a 21% share of VC funding and 16% share of seed funding, over the last 3 years globally.
  • Globally, there are 31 VC-backed Digital Health Unicorns, with 10 mega rounds occurring in 2020 so far
  • Overall round sizes are increasing on average across the spectrum. Series A deals are generally between $5m to $10m across US and Europe, while in China the average Series A is larger (between $10m to $15m)
  • Series B deals are experiencing the largest increase in valuations. Funding round sizes have increased significantly across major regions and funding stages. Asia is taking the lead for the largest valuations for Series A and B stage companies

We’re proud to work with and support Digital Health startups across the globe and we look forward to continuing investing in the sector’s most promising companies.

Please have a read and share widely!

If you have any questions or feedback on our report, please email

About White Star Capital

White Star Capital is a global multi-stage technology investment platform that invests in exceptional entrepreneurs building ambitious, international businesses. Operating out of New York, London, Paris, Montreal, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, our presence, perspective, and people enable us to partner closely with our Founders to help them scale internationally from Series A onwards.

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