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AnimatedIcons — Flutter

Flutter provides inbuilt animation for icons. In this article we shall discuss how to animate a few icons using AnimatedIcons widget in Flutter.

First create an animation controller.,

AnimationController _animationIconController1,

Create a bool variable to keep track of the changes.,

bool pauseplay = false;

Initialize the controller inside the initState., and set the duration of animation as required.

Develop a widget tree that need to be animated, In our case, we have created a AnimatedIcon wrapped inside the ClipOval widget just for nice looking UI.

Add the progress parameter [line no:17] , which takes the animation controller.

Now wrap the entire widget tree inside the GestureDetector Widget and provide an onTap event for that.

Now it’s all set and have completed adding animation for a single icon. By repeating the above steps we can add animations for any number of icons as required.

Get the Source Code : 👉

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