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Enabling Web support for flutter 🌐

In this article we shall be discussing how to enable web support for our flutter project.

First we need to switch over to master channel to access web support .

Next we need to upgrade the file, for that just type this command.

Now for enabling web support.,

Now we have enabled web support for our flutter project and for verifying it just type.,

This will list out all the available devices that can be used for debugging, Where we can also notice the default browser being listed.

now create a flutter project.,

and now we can see that a new folder [Web] will be create along with the other files and folders.

If you run the project now., then the project will be running on the default browser extension.

If you have already created a flutter project and want to add web support, then you can add it by simply typing this,

If you want to see Flutter Web in action, then check this out., In this tutorial I have used chrome browser for debugging my app.

Hope this article was beneficial.,🚀

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