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Scratch Card in Flutter

This article guides you with the development of scratch card feature in Flutter app.

We have created a scratch card that would resemble the scratch card being used in the Gpay app.

scratcher: "^1.4.0"

The development process is very easy and it is made possible by using the Scratcher Widget available in Flutter.

The basic idea behind the Scratcher widget is that, this widget will wrap over any other widget (i.e., we can cover any flutter widget by Scratcher widget by either covering it using a fixed color or by using a custom image.)

The Scratcher Widget takes a list of parameters which can be configured based on user’s choice, below are a few set of parameters that we have made use of to develop the scratch card feature as shown above.

The child for the Scratcher widget can be any flutter widget of your choice.
The entire Scratcher widget in our case would be like.,

That’s is, We have now successfully completed developing the scratch card app🥳.

👩‍💻Get the complete Source Code👉:



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