Viola.AI Anti-Scam Alert: A Public Service Notice

A reminder to the Viola.AI Community: Stay Alert. Don’t get scammed.

(This Public Service Notice is updated as of 14 October 2018.)

To the Viola.AI Community,

Stay alert and be vigilant. Protect yourself against scams!

The Viola.AI Team has been posting regular announcements and reminders on Telegram; and across all our communication channels to keep yourself mindful of the potential risks of getting scammed.

You are advised to carefully read our Public Service Notice below for your own guidance.


⭕️ The Anti-Scam Policy of Viola.AI does not allow the Official Admins (the CORE Team and appointed Moderators) to initiate direct messages unless the other party initiates first.

⭕️ Do not send your Ether wallet address to anyone. The Public Sale had officially closed on 31 July, 8pm SGT.

⭕️ We will never ask you to send us any forms of contribution through chat or any private message. Do not share any of your personal details to anyone. For any account-related enquiries, send an email to

⭕️ Your ULTIMATE KEY to spot a scammer is to know who are the Official Admins of Viola.AI.


(Notice the UPPER and lower cases of their Telegram Usernames)

Violet Lim — @VioletLim
Jamie Lee — @JamieLee
Christina Thung — @ChristinaThung
Freddie Lacorte — @Lacorte16 
Li Yhee — @LiYhee
Zam Ong — @ZamOng
Martti Dumangeng — @TramKeith
Jay — @KryptoJay 
Moha — @Kaizen1963
Paul — @PaulBultman
Mark — @MachMark2


To report a scammer, immediately contact the Viola.AI Team at with the Subject Line, ‘Scammer Report’. Attached the related screenshots.

Lots of Love from Singapore to the world,

F R E D D I E | L A C O R T E

Head of Community Management, Viola.AI

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