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Introducing NFT+

In an ongoing series of blog posts, we’ll explore novel use cases enabled by VIVID. Each of these posts highlights new media-driven experiences made possible by these unique NFT+ features:

Multi-format — create NFTs from any media file, in any format from JPG, PNG, GIF, and MP4 to SVG, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF, and many more.

Multi-asset — create single NFTs containing any number of media elements. VIVID NFTs include multiple videos, images, audio, etc in limitless combinations, completely customizable, and with programmable access rules.

Updatability — allows the creator and owner of an NFT to continue to add new media into the NFT after it has been minted, or even after it has been sold on a secondary market. This makes VIVID’s NFT+ dynamic, providing a persistent and evolving experience that continues to give additional value to the holder of each NFT over time.

On-chain DRM — allows the creator broad options for setting flexible content permissions. Each individual media element in VIVID NFTs may be locked or unlocked, and made viewable or not viewable, based on rules defined in the NFT’s smart contract.

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Now check out these articles that detail how the advanced features of VIVID NFT+ unleash the ability to create entirely new, rich, and engaging media experiences with NFTs.



Vivid Labs is the creator of the VIVID NFT publishing platform, powered by the VID token. VIVID enables new use cases and business models, evolving NFTs into complete media experiences. Come join the evolution — build your NFT business on VIVID at

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