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Dear VTG community,

Today we’re sharing that we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue Voice Tech Global as of March 2022. We’re extremely proud of what we have achieved, and beyond thankful to each and every amazing person who supported us through these 4 years. ❤️🤗😍

Tim, Polina, Guy

Guy, Polina and Tim are standing on stage of the voice summit posing with the big letters which say “voice”
Guy Tonye, Polina Cherkashyna, and Tim Bettridge at the Voice Summit

Why we started and why we’re closing

When we started Voice Tech Global (then Voice Tech TO) in 2017 we never planned for it to become a business venture. Our main objective was to create a community where we could share our knowledge and learn from other CAI practitioners in order to create better and more accessible conversational products.

We ended up teaching — A LOT :) We conducted in total more than 40 events and workshops, and created the Voice Playbook. Our community is strong, with over 4,000 practitioners from around the world. We accomplished all of this with zero marketing budget and working full-time day jobs as senior practitioners.

We’re most proud of our Conversation Design Training Programs. We developed not only top-notch content but also a unique methodology, which has allowed us to see students go from being new to CxD, all the way to landing their first jobs at some of the best companies out there. We’re so very proud of each VTG alumni and the progress they’ve made.

It’s been more than 4 years, and that is a long time. Our individual lives and career priorities have changed a lot, so despite a lot of demand for our courses, we have decided not to scale VTG.

What’s next for us

Each of us will be focussing on different ventures and initiatives going forward. Please stay in touch and we’re sure our paths will cross again!

I’m continuing my exploration of ontological design and emergent technologies through speculative fiction and my design practice. If you’re interested in following along I’ll be publishing with a new Substack newsletter and a Youtube channel called Future UX. Here’s my LinkedIn. –Tim

I’ll continue to work on making conversational AI more accessible for practitioners and for users. If you’re curious about how, you can follow me on Medium and Linkedin. — Guy

I’ll be exploring innovative teaching methodologies and instructional design. Reach out to me if you need help with your online course or if you want to turn any content into a super fun workshop. Here’s my LinkedIn. — Polina

What’s next for our community

Our website will stay live, but we’ll be removing the paywall from our Resources page. Refunds will be issued to anyone who purchased a yearly subscription.

If you’re looking to hire talented conversational designers — please feel free to explore the list of our Alumni List and their projects.

Our amazing Millani Jayasingkam will continue hosting the Voice This! podcast together with Elaine Anzaldo. They are looking for sponsors too — so don’t miss your chance.

Huge huge thanks to our amazing instructors, mentors, supporters, “superfans”, Civic Lab, and our hardworking and talented students! ❤️😍🥰

It’s really impossible to list all the fantastic people who helped us along the way with their time, knowledge, and passion. We thank each and every one of you and we’re looking forward to collaborating on new ventures.


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