Backing Trump: Stories from a Swing State (Part 2)

Talitha Brauer
Mar 15, 2016 · 3 min read

Diane K. lives in rural Ohio. She’s 60 years old.

“I’m not a farmer; I’m a farmer’s wife. If the weather was right, sometimes Terry and I would spend all night working, doing combining or fixing the combine. Just long hours. I knew what I was getting into because I dated him for three years, so it wasn’t much of a surprise.

Terry had a stroke in 2008 and life changed after that. Our boys do all of the farming now. I do all of the taxes. And I take care of Terry every day.

And pottery, I love doing pottery. Don’t do enough of it any more. Don’t have anything else in my life.

There was one more opening for a Monday morning class, and I got in and, oh my goodness. I’m home! That’s what it felt like.

I couldn’t sleep for anything last night … I got to sleep at 4 o’clock. Worrying about getting the taxes done.

I’m afraid of ISIS doing something big. Like New York. Pentagon. Stuff like that. And now they’ve got chemical gas weapons.

I don’t care if they waterboard ISIS people. Waterboarding is just the feeling that something bad is happening. Nothing bad happens to the person when you get waterboarded, they’re just scaring the living daylights out of you.

ISIS are infiltrating everything. They’re already here. They might have located some kind of ISIS training thing near Cleveland. But other than that I don’t think there’s any that they’ve located in Ohio. There’s some around Chicago. Any place there’s a mosque I’m getting kind of leery about. Because all they seem to do is preach hate and if they hated us so much why are they here? If they hate America, why are they living here?

Trump wants to secure our borders. Whether he gets a wall built or not, I don’t know. I don’t know what to do with all those who are here illegally right now.

So many have come here the right way. It’s not fair to them and it’s not fair to us that they’re just pouring over here. And, I mean, if you go to Mexico, they’ll lock you up forever. If you go to any other country illegally like that, they’ll lock you up forever. And here they’re getting a driver’s license, they’re gonna get social security, they’re gonna get Medicaid, this and that and everything else.

Everything that we’re disgusted about, Trump’s saying he’s gonna fix and I don’t think he’s gonna back down.

He kinda scares me. But being a business man, I think that’s what we need for the country to get things on track.”

This story is Part 2 of a photographic exploration of ordinary Americans and their reasons for supporting a controversial candidate.

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Voices of America

Personal Stories from a Swing State

Voices of America

Personal Stories from a Swing State

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Voices of America

Personal Stories from a Swing State