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Photos from Berkeley rallies February — August 2017. By Simon Rogghe and Zarina Zabrisky.
  1. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BERKELEY? Eyewitness from the campus. February 1, 2017. Protest against the “alt-right” provocateur, Breitbart editor and professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos shook the US. Read more here.
Photos from Berkeley rallies February — August 2017. By Simon Rogghe and Zarina Zabrisky.

2. FREE SPEECHHATE SPEECH. Analysis of the present rhetoric and history of free speech in Berkeley. By a guest writer Aristotle Metropoulos.

3. PRO-TRUMP BERKELEY CLASH. On March 4, 2017, about 150 pro-Trump rally participants — mostly white middle-aged men and women in red hats and American flag outfits and really buff younger men in wife-beaters with baseball bats, gas-masks, and helmets, obviously out-of-town — arrived to Martin Luther King Jr Civic Park in downtown Berkeley, around 2 pm. Most people in Berkeley were not aware of the event. Read more here.

Photos from Berkeley rallies February — August 2017. By Simon Rogghe and Zarina Zabrisky.

4. BERKELEY: COPS AND HELICPOTERS: “IT IS NOT ABOUT FREE SPEECH”: PHOTO-ESSAY. On April 27, 2017, at 2 pm 150–200 people gathered at Martin Luther King park in Berkeley for “Free Speech Rally.” A few helicopters buzzed high above us. The smell of pot and drumbeat jazzed up the scene. Read more here.

Photos from Berkeley rallies February — August 2017. By Simon Rogghe and Zarina Zabrisky.

5. KNOW YOUR NAZIS AND THEIR BACKERS. Meet the organizers, key leaders and propagandists of the Charlottesville rally and their Russian supporters. Matthew Heimbach, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, David Duke, Mike Cernovich, and their connection to Alexander Dugin and the Kremlin. Read more here.

6. THE DA CHRISTI CODE: UC BERKELEY CHANCELLOR’S “FREE SPEECH” EMAIL DECODED by a guest writer Simon Rogghe. On Wednesday August 23rd, UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol T. Christ issued a second email, “doubling down” on her commitment to “free speech.” Let there be no mistake: what passes for “free speech” in the current political climate is in fact hate speech and white supremacist ideology. Read more here.

Artwork by Simon Rogghe.

7. TO PUNCH OR NOT TO PUNCH. Debunking “alt-left” term and antifa smear campaign, “punch a nazi” fake memes, Marxism narrative and more myth-making. Read more here.

Photos from Berkeley rallies February — August 2017. By Simon Rogghe and Zarina Zabrisky. Right: A screenshot from a Youtube video.

8. WHO IS TROLLING BAY AREA? The background of “alt-right” organizers of Patriot Prayer and No to Marxism rallies. Violence, bigotry, murder behind “patriotism.” Read more here.

Photos from Internet archives.

9. HOW ALT-RIGHT TROLLED AMERICA. Who were the “peaceful protesters” in Berkeley on August 26, 2017? The alt-right speakers and organizers deny their affiliation with racist or Neo-Nazi groups and promote “love and freedom.” Most of them claim to be a minority or having minority family members. I reported from the San Francisco and Berkeley marches and rallies on August 26–27, interviewed some “alt-right” and antifa on site and via the internet, and did my research before and after the events. I personally saw and photographed Nazi and white supremacy insignia during the weekend and found countless photographs, videos and posts on the Internet. My research shows solid evidence: Berkeley “free speech” event participants preach “white genocide,” “ethnostate”, “white supremacy” and Nazi ideas. Read more here.

Left: Photo from Internet archive. RIght: Photo from Berkeley rally, August 2017. By Simon Rogghe.

10. BERKELEY: POST-TRUTH. EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS OF BERKELEY AND SAN FRANCISCO RALLIES. On Saturday, August 26, thousands of people showed up for the peaceful demonstration in San Francisco at eight locations. A human banner at the Ocean Beach reflected the spirit of the San Francisco event. Walnut Creek joined: Women’s March Contra Costa organized a human banner “End Hate!” On Sunday, August 27, estimated 4,000 people appeared outside of the barricades in MLK park, protected in the front by 100–200 people dressed in black. Read more here.

Left: Crissy Field, SF. Photos from Berkeley rallies February — August 2017. By Simon Rogghe and Zarina Zabrisky.

11. SAY WHO?! SAY WHAT?! Ben Shapiro’s visit was subsidized by UC Berkeley in the amount of $13,000 and additional $600,000 was spent by the university on security. Shapiro is known for his intolerance and self-promotion. Read more about the administration decisions here.

12. WHY ARE THERE POLICE AND BARRICADES ON OUR CAMPUS? On September 14, 2017, Ben Shapiro spoke at Zellerbach Hall. the UC Berkeley campus had been turned into a militarized zone, with throngs of armed policemen, concrete and red barricades, metal detectors, and even a canine unit, sectioning off two thirds of the campus. The whole of Sproul Plaza — the very nexus of student activity — had been blocked off. Later, a dozen students held a peaceful sit-in in the MLK Student Union Building — a building that, earlier that afternoon, students had been forced to vacate by the police. Read an eyewitness account here.

13. In November 2018, Sebastian Gorka, a Hungarian-American political analyst, is a former Deputy Assistant to Donald Trump and a former editor of the Breitbart News, with multiple confirmed ties to white supremacists and neo-Nazis gave a talk in a former synagogue close to Pittsburgh, less than two weeks after the mass shooting in a synagogue there, on the eve of the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Below is the investigative report prepared in an effort to help Eerie’s community to protest Gorka’s appearance, exposing ties with the religious right and the Kremlin.

14. This article contains 11 examples of Trump and his administration using secret code messages and dog whistles to white supremacists and neo-Nazis as explained by the former FBI Counter Intelligence Director on MSNBC this week plus reports of Trump’s direct involvement with fascism and fascists. All examples have links to reputable sources and original documents/tweets.

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