Get Ready for Wappler 2.0

Wappler 2.0 is nearly here and we couldn’t be more excited! In just a week, the biggest update yet will be available! As we are finetuning the last bits and pieces we can highlight some of the best features that Wappler 2.0 has in store for you.

NEW: Wappler Online Account Management

We can also announce a brand new Wappler Account site for full online management of your subscription. This enables you to view your subscription status, download invoices and also update your payment information! The account site and payments are of course absolutely secure thanks to our partner Stripe.

Wappler 2.0 Feature Highlights

Check out some of the exciting features in Wappler 2.0:

Visual Layout Builder — Add new elements exactly where you need them! 
Better visual designing process: the elements’ insertion is context-sensitive and that allows you to automatically focus your attention on suitable suggested components based on the current selection.

Design Blocks — An awesome collection of responsive blocks to perfectly build responsive Bootstrap 4 websites is available for you! This collection has over 170 blocks in different categories. For full details, click here.

Visual Bootstrap 4 Grid Controls — The Design View allows you to easily resize and reorder your Bootstrap 4 Columns using the size and offset handles.

Visual CSS Designer — Define your own classes with styles and reuse them, thanks to the CSS Designer. The Design Panel offers you a variety of easy to use options to style your content — text, color, borders, background, spacing and many more..

Gradient Generator — Along with all the CSS properties available in the Design Panel you can easily create linear or radial gradients, both with multiple color stops! The generated CSS gradient code is cross browser compatible.

The Gunnery Website

Featured User Website #1

The website of “The Gunnery” — a gun shop and shooting range in South Australia, built with Wappler!

Simples Obras Website

Featured User Website #2

The website of “Simples Obras” — construction services guide in Brasil.

Latest Docs & Guides

You can find these docs and more in our Wappler Documentation.

Not using Wappler yet?

Download Wappler here, and don’t forget to join our community forum! Share your experience, get help, showcase your work or just have nice chat with others.