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Aug 16 · 7 min read

We are thrilled to announce the fifth batch of projects to be supported under the Waves Grants program.

We launched our grants program seven months ago. Since then, we’ve received 280 applications, and we’ve distributed 30 grants with a total cost of 81,465 WAVES to 23 developer teams and individuals.

At Waves Labs, we are keen to fill the Waves ecosystem with convenient and useful services. Our goal is to maintain top-quality products, based on Waves technologies.

In late June, Waves rolled out RIDE for dApps, adding the @verifier and @callable functions. Thus, our latest round of grants focuses on the development of new dApps. The RIDE language allows developers to build complex solutions simply, opening up new possibilities for areas such as gaming, DeFi, collectables and marketplaces, DAO, and stablecoins.

The fifth batch of grants, with a total value of 44,979 WAVES, will be distributed to 10 projects that cover the following areas:

  • Online games and services
  • Business dApps
  • Ecosystem and community
  • Infrastructure and tools

You can find out more about the selected projects below!

Recipient: Blockchaincars

Grant amount: 6,000 WAVES

Blockchaincars connects the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Waves blockchain, providing easy access to car rental and automating the car-sharing industry.

During the first grant period, which will last two months, the Blockchaincars team will develop:

  • Secure and decentralized smart key access (i.e. opening a car via a transaction).
  • Whitelists and blacklists.
  • Sponsorship and data transactions.
  • Improvement of IoT-Blockchain API — a so-called Blockchain of Things — decentralised gate to connect with IoT hardware devices.
  • Necessary components for Ruby library.
  • An initial Web UI for dApp demonstration and testing.

We see potential in the project, as the combination of IoT and blockchain opens up a wide range of opportunities for new cases and business models. Public rules of access control give more trust to integrate more partners.

This is the first step of upcoming more intense support — soon we will publish a special post about the Blockchain Cars project.

Recipient: Nyan Cat: The Crypto Race

Grant amount: 17,016 WAVES

Nyan Cat: The Crypto Race is a trading game that allows everyone to test their analytical skills and gain profit in an easy and funny way. The game is a collaboration with the famous YouTube video Nyan Cat.

The grant is separated into two parts. To gain the final part of the grant, the team should introduce:

  • In-game purchases for fiat and other digital assets, including BTC and ETH.
  • A referral system that encourages user inviting.
  • A leaderboard to reward the best players.
  • The ability to upgrade in-game pets.
  • A new game mode that will allow players to sign up for several races at once.

Eventually, the development team plans to release a browser version with optimization for mobile devices and mobile wallets with Waves API support. To replenish the game deposit, Waves DEX will be integrated.

We willingly support enthusiasts who build games on the Waves blockchain. Games are one of the most widespread and popular dApp categories. Considering the low fees and high transaction speed of Waves Platform, the gaming sphere will become one of our top priorities.

Recipient: Rentapp

Grant amount: 3,000 WAVES

Rentapp is a decentralised platform where anything can be rented by anyone. The platform links owners and renters directly, with low fees, instant payments, and trustworthy reviews. The core developer studied up on Waves with the Mastering Web 3.0 with Waves training course.

This grant will cover the implementation of the following:

  • In-dApp payments.
  • Escrow with at least 2 verified or legitimate agencies including Rentapp as well.
  • Small WAVES airdrops for users to make fees-free or using sponsored dApp invocations.
  • Reviews posted on the Waves blockchain.

Such escrow services are vital for the ecosystem as they offer interaction between users on a more secure and transparent level.

Recipient: Fortune

Grant amount: 4,918 WAVES

Fortune is a decentralised game house that includes gambling. Launched by Open Solutions Team, the project aims to improve community access to gambling.

This grant will be spent on launch of Fortune’s first game, a classic slot machine with 3 reels and 1 line. 14 winning combinations with a jackpot up to x500 available to users. All gaming processes are written using RIDE, and game data will be stored in dApp data storage.

In two months, the Open Solutions team will roll out:

  • Desktop and mobile versions.
  • Real-time gameplay.
  • Waves Keeper integration.

Gambling dApps combine blockchain reliability and transparency with the entertainment of online casinos. We know that this combination has big potential.

Recipient: FullBlock Solutions

Grant amount: 4,545 WAVES

The FullBlock Solutions team, a team that has years of experience working for another blockchain protocol (NEM), offers a solution that allows businesses and individuals to issue tickets in the form of smart assets and implement rules of reselling. This protects the event market from scalpers, fake tickets, and no-shows.

This grant will be spent on the development of a white label solution built upon the Waves blockchain in a bid to improve the security and transparency of tickets for live events, as well as a demo version and blog post.

Other platform features include:

  • Waves Keeper integration.
  • dApp architecture that processes key interactions automatically on-chain with @callable and @verifier functions.

We support this solution because it eliminates a significant problem in the resale market. Also, this project introduces a wide range of Waves blockchain instruments that make it a good example of using Waves features in practice.

Recipient: Auctionlance

Grant amount: 3,000 WAVES

Auctionlance platform is a P2P freelance marketplace where clients hire and pay developers, editors, designers, and more using WAVES, BTC, and other popular crypto currencies.

In the future, Auctionlance envisions building a digital marketplace where everyone can buy and sell RIDE scripts, source codes, templates, graphic elements, and much more.

Here are the points which will be implemented under the grant:

  • Payment system for freelancer’s hiring.
  • Escrow smart contract according to Byzantine Protocol.
  • Deal results resolution: Waves Jedis as arbiters for the resolution.
  • Waves Keeper integration.

Waves Labs is excited for this project is in as it will lead to product with a potentially significant real-world appeal. Also, it uses WAVES in a way that makes the product more attractive.

Recipient: Kolin Platform

Grant amount: 3,000 WAVES

Kolin Platform is a network for translation and international collaboration. The platform gives users from any part of the world a chance to have access to translation services for documents, articles, websites.

The principal dApp account will allow the posting of translation works and acceptance or rejection of said works by other users. Additionally, an Oracle will be generated to help moderate possible bad behaviour from users, with input from the community. A demo version can be seen here.

This grant will be distributed on the implementation of the following:

  • A payment system for hiring freelancers.
  • Documents counting, hashing, and anchoring to the blockchain for each document.
  • Escrow smart contract according to Byzantine Protocol.
  • Waves Keeper integration.

The translators’ network of the platform has a significant positive impact on the Waves Ecosystem and Web 3 community, in general, helping to translate documentation and products into a variety of languages quickly and easily.

Recipient: Wavesdapp

Grant amount: 1,000 WAVES

Wavesdapp is a Waves ecosystem guide launched by two enthusiasts, Tim Rainer and Menno Lindeboom, from WavesMania project. The project site contains information about projects and tokens launched on Waves Platform, Waves tools, applied articles, and training materials.

Distributed funds will cover equipment, site management and development, video intros, and SEO assistance.

We believe it’s crucially necessary to support projects like this, which are based around Waves’ ecosystem and grassroots community.

Recipient: WavesKit

Grant amount: 1,000 WAVES

The author of WavesKit Dmitry Pichulin has already launched it. WavesKit is a PHP framework for Waves blockchain. All transactions available on the mainnet can easily be created, signed, and sent using just one package running on all 64-bit versions of PHP from 5.6 inclusive.

Previously, Dmitry took part in the first batch of funding with Random Oracle. Now, the grant will be spent on the supporting of WavesKit.

You can read WavesKit documentation here. You can also read good examples of continuous integration tests.

It’s crucially important to support this developer because the written library helped us fill in a gap in the PHP language and gave developers new opportunities for working with the Waves blockchain.

Recipient: Paddle

Grant amount: 1,500 WAVES

Paddle, a Java library for Waves blockchain, was created by Maxim Smolyakov. He is also an author of Awesome Waves, a curated list of awesome things for developing on Waves blockchain.

Paddle allows writing tests in Java for smart contracts. It could be connected to each test framework: JUnit, TestNG and others.

The grant will cover the implementation of the following:

  • Adding test on any node (not only local).
  • Improving API.
  • Filling in JavaDoc documentation for tips in code editors.
  • Setting up test execution and outputting of the final report.

Libraries like Paddle are vital because they add ecosystem entry points for development. We believe that such solutions help build out the Waves ecosystem and enable the development of useful new solutions for its users.

We would like to thank all Waves Grants applicants. We are already working on the next batch of grants. Considering applications for Waves Grants is a continuous and time-consuming process, so sometimes it’s not so easy to reply immediately to every applicant. However, every application will be considered. Please be patient.

We would also like to remind everyone that each project can receive several grants at different stages of development. Developers who received a grant already remain eligible to receive additional grants in the future.

You can learn more about our grants program here and here. Applications are accepted from the Waves Labs site via forms:

Finally, we are preparing material on new opportunities for fundraising and development projects and new reports on Waves Labs grant recipients. Stay tuned!

Waves Labs

Waves Labs is an initiative for supporting talented developers and promising startups focused on decentralized technologies leading to Web 3.0

Waves Labs

Written by

Waves Labs is an initiative for supporting talented developers and promising startups focused on building the decentralised technologies.

Waves Labs

Waves Labs is an initiative for supporting talented developers and promising startups focused on decentralized technologies leading to Web 3.0

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