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3 min readAug 8, 2023


In the boundless universe of blockchain technology, isn’t it thrilling to envision an ecosystem where multiple chains harmonize, facilitating seamless transactions and pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable? With the ceaseless pursuit of innovation and optimization, the WAX Blockchain has taken a significant leap toward this future by pioneering the concept of integrated NFT Bridges.

Today, we dive into the world of these bridges and explore how they connect WAX to other prominent blockchains — Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon.

Ethereum Bridge: Bridging the Gap to the Ethereum Ecosystem

From the genesis of Blockchain technology, Ethereum has always been a pivotal player. Its smart contract capabilities have made it a hub for a diverse range of applications, including the bustling world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

However, what if your favorite NFT collection, initially born on the WAX Blockchain, could gain direct access to the vast Ethereum ecosystem? What if you could enjoy the convenience and affordability of WAX’s free and instant transactions, yet tap into Ethereum’s deep liquidity?

The NFT Bridge in My Cloud Wallet makes these exciting questions a reality. It empowers collection owners to break the chains of network confinement, unlocking the ability to deploy an ERC721 smart contract representing their collection on Ethereum. Activation is simple and requires only proof of ownership and an Ethereum destination address. Once the ERC721 contract is deployed, owners maintain full control over their bridged collection’s utility. An undeniable game-changer, wouldn’t you agree?

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Binance Smart Chain Bridge: Harnessing the Power of BSC

As we extend our bridge from the Ethereum ecosystem, we make our way to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Known for its efficient transaction processing and low fees, BSC is a favorite for many users. But what if we could amplify its benefits, bringing the power of WAX’s free and instant transactions to the BSC environment?

The Binance Bridge achieves this by allowing collection owners to deploy their collections onto BSC. It presents them with the same degree of control and flexibility as the Ethereum Bridge, offering access to BSC’s vibrant ecosystem and its abundant liquidity. Doesn’t the prospect of an empowered, interconnected ecosystem feel invigorating?

Polygon Bridge: The Dawn of zkEVM Integration

Our latest integration brings yet another player into the fray — the Polygon network. Renowned for its high throughput and close-knit community, Polygon’s appeal lies in its efficient Layer 2 solution and the novel concept of zkEVM, or Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine. But, what if you could combine Polygon’s vast liquidity with the benefits of WAX’s Cloud Wallet?

The answer lies in the Polygon Bridge. The integration presents an exhilarating opportunity for WAX NFT owners to transfer their collections onto Polygon’s network, opening up a universe of possibilities. With free and instant transactions on WAX and vast liquidity on Polygon, it’s a match made in blockchain heaven.

Imagine, wouldn’t such a multi-chain future transform the way we perceive and interact with blockchains?

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Embracing the Multi-Chain Revolution

In a world where blockchains have traditionally functioned in their isolated silos, the WAX Blockchain is shattering the norms and setting a new standard for interoperability. By integrating these NFT Bridges into the WAX Cloud Wallet, we are not just facilitating the co-existence of multiple blockchains; we are creating a symphony of seamless interoperability.

As we continue to chart unexplored territories, the question remains: Are you ready to join us in this journey toward a multi-chain future?

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