NEW RELEASE on WE ARE TESTERS — August 31st 2016

Find the newly-released features of our platform WE ARE TESTERS below.

Presentation of a new mission

Presentation of a new mission on WE ARE TESTERS

We’ve introduce 2 new information you previously couldn’t see unless you were approved on the mission.

Language for the bug report:
Now you know in advance in which language you will have to report the bugs. Please note you have to be proficient in this language to have a valuable missions. If you’re not, our mission manager will ask you to improve your bug reports again and again and it won’t be fun. Neither for you (you’ll loose time) and neither for us (we don’t like when we have to refuse/mark as incomplete a bug).

Your revenue for the mission:
You were quite many to ask to be able to see in advance the price we are going to pay for bugs on a mission. So here we are! It’s live! 
Please note it is a minimum price. As you know, prices can be greater for a bug depending on you ;-) 
Also, as mentioned previously, a suggestion is not considered as a bug anymore. Consequently the price we’ll pay for it can be different (higher or lower depending on the mission).

Explore the new presentation of a mission


When a mission was about to start, and you were checking its private details, you may have experienced a strange page saying “the mission will start within:” and the information was missing. It is now fixed. Here is what you’ll see:

Mission details during the last hour before the mission launch.

If you have any questions regarding these new features, please contact Claire, Product Manager @admin_claire on our Slack.

Date of release : August 31st, 2016


WE ARE TESTERS is a crowd-testing platform. We offers Quality Assurance missions to our freelance members. Our testers are highly talented QA superheroes, hand-picked by our staff during recruitment process.

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