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Doctor Sniffy NFTs Help a Hong Kong Dog Rescue — Insider Pics and an Awesome Generative Art Preview

Dogs and code — what more could you ask for?

A pic from the Big Tree Animal Sanctuary, a dog (and cat) rescue facility in Hong Kong that will benefit from the Dr. Sniffy NFT drop. This doggo is called Mung Mung. :-)

Man, I’ve coded SO many NFT sets now! And, it’s always super exciting to receive artwork from the NFT artist, as that’s often the first time I get to see how organized things are art-wise. Have they set things up properly? How organized are the groupings? How does it look for potential conflicts between various properties / layers? You just never fully know. (That link above is to my article on setting up artwork for generative coding — super helpful if you’re an artist getting into generative NFTs.)

Sometimes, though, things are just textbook examples of how to execute on an idea. I don’t believe we had a single logic rule required for Dr. Sniffy, as each of the layers were built to fit together perfectly without any conflicts. (Not that I mind implementing custom logic when required, of course; I’ve done some unimaginably complex sets to date.)

Let me show you an example NFT from the set, and then I’ll talk about the art a bit more:

So, as you can see, we’ve got:

  • a background layer (33 different ones here, but 23 were reserved for super-rares — so 10 main backgrounds for the majority);
  • a dog breed (main body type) (13 different breeds available, with the above example being the French Bulldog);
  • an optional clothing layer at the bottom over the dog body (42 different clothes, with the above being the sushi chef outfit);
  • an optional neck item (24 available, with the above being the silver chain);
  • an optional accessory sitting atop the doggo’s head (58 available, with the tennis ball shown);
  • an eyes layer showing eyes, nose, eyebrows, and sometimes goggles (26 available, with sad eyes shown);
  • and finally a rare optional “special” layer for overlays (two possibilities, and this one actually has the “shiny” overlay, a…