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Quick Hack to Refresh OpenSea Metadata on Many NFTs Quickly

You just need this one link, really.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

During my ongoing freemint experiment, I keep noticing that people will mint like 20 doggos, but they won’t bother to refresh the metadata for any that don’t immediately show up. (Yes, my freemint is “instant reveal.” But, even so, it’s pretty typical for OpenSea to lag in displaying NFTs properly, which could be because IPFS is running slow or for many other reasons.)

Normally, I tell people: Go into the NFT page on OpenSea, click the “Refresh Metadata” button, wait about 10 seconds, and then refresh the page. This method works most of the time (though sometimes OpenSea or IPFS is stubborn and it takes a few tries).

Here’s how to do that, shown visually:

  • Your NFT is unrevealed and looks like this (below, right):
The NFT on the left is revealed. You can see the NFT! The one on the right is NOT revealed. It’s minted, but OpenSea has not pulled the graphic in yet. Typically, OpenSea will show “Content not available yet” on these, along with the collection account’s avatar. Notice also that the title is not showing. Only the ID of the NFT shows.
  • Click into that NFT and click the Refresh Metadata button, as shown: