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Web3 Foundation Grants Program Reaches 400 Projects Milestone, 1K Grant Applications Received

On our journey to build a decentralized web, we’ve recently reached another significant milestone — we’ve surpassed 400 projects with a current total of 415 projects signed through our grants programs. On top of that, over 1000 grant applications have been submitted. As previously with the 100, 200 and 300 grants milestones, we’d like to seize this moment to share some insights into what’s going on behind the scenes.

Since the grants program was launched in December 2018, we’ve received a total of 1054 applications, of which 415 have been accepted. To date, 181 teams have already completed at least one project and 300 have successfully delivered their first milestone. See the full list of accepted applications here.

Project Areas

The projects funded to date cover all layers of the Web3 technology stack. More than half cover runtime modules and UI development. The remainder include wallets, tooling, cryptography, smart contracts, APIs and more.

The teams are working on a wide range of decentralized use cases, including digital identity and privacy, IoT, games, data storage, and finance, among others.

Global grantees

A network is nothing without its community and the Web3 community is truly global. This is reflected in the geographical spread of grants: 14.4% of the teams based in the US, 12.8% in China, 8.1% in Singapore with others ranging from Australia and Japan over Europe to Argentina.

Get in touch

For more information about the grants program, visit web3.foundation/grants or head over directly to our GitHub repository.

We also have Element channels for real-time discussion on Web3 and Polkadot:

Unfortunately, scams are very common in the crypto space. With the growing popularity of Polkadot and Kusama, we have also seen a rise of impostors trying to scam our community. Learn how to protect yourself and minimize the risk of losing your funds in our Wiki.



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Web3 Foundation Team

Web3 Foundation Team

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