Growth Marketing Case Study: Totle

Decentralized exchange aggregator & crypto portfolio manager

  • Client: Totle
  • Industry: Cryptocurrency / blockchain
  • Target Audience: Crypto traders
  • Website:

The Challenge:

Wemultiply was approached by Totle, a decentralized exchange aggregator and crypto portfolio manager that pooled the orderbooks (liquidity) of the top decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Business objectives were four fold:

  • Brand and position Totle as a leading dApp (decentralized application) and crypto product through content, social media, email, and event marketing.
  • Launch the company’s first public beta and execute a customer acquisition campaign that drives connected wallets and trades.
  • Capitalize on partnership opportunities with decentralized exchanges, 0x relayers, and dApp browsers to promote the Totle brand.
  • Manage the company’s communication channels, including Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Bitcoin Talk, and email newsletter.

The Result:

Within four months of engagement, we generated:

Video assets created:

Totle Introduction
Totle Video Demo

Medium articles

Long-form content:

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