Estonian Transmission system operator and WePower joins the forces

Dear Friends,

We would like to proudly share the news that we have signed a memorandum of understanding with Elering, an Estonian Transmission System Operator.

The aim of the cooperation is to pilot converting energy data into blockchain on a national scale and to develop models for more effective integration for distributed green energy with the grid.

“This move will allow us to pilot the platform on a national scale with the most advanced smart grid in the world.” — Nikolaj Martyniuk

Elering’s platform Estfeed allows us the access to the data needed to test the platform at scale so it could be expanded in a unified manner to other countries.

The Estfeed platform enables secure access to energy meter data, by enabling end consumers and scattered (small) producers and network operators to choose who to share their data with via the online platform e-Elering.

We find that the work we do is mutually beneficial for Elering and WePower to bring more renewable energy to the market while adhering to the safety and security of supply standards that are obligatory for Transmission and Distribution System Operators.

Estfeed platform allows end consumers, energy service providers, scattered (small) producers and network operators to increase energy production, transportation and consumption efficiency with the help of near real-time data on energy usage.

More information on the importance of smart metering will follow in our Medium post later on.