Onboard with BlockchainIL!

(Updated on February 7th regarding to Alignment Ventures changing the name to BlockchainIL)

The list of our partnerships is growing day by day and every new partnership brings more experience, expands opportunities and empowers us to reach our goals with even more confidence. Priceless!

It is a honour to announce WePower’s partnership with a well known premier one-stop-shop for blockchain creation and execution (drums roll!) — BlockchainIL!

Our new partner’s team combines leading blockchain industry experts and is advised by the all-star founding team at Bancor. The team is committed to both being a driving force of innovation, as well as supporting early stage projects and existing companies, from inception through token execution, and beyond. Blockchain IL was intimately involved with the success of such projects as Bancor ($153M TGE), Kik ($98M TGE), Stox ($33M TGE), Sirin ($150M TGE), Storm ($32M TGE), FCFL (IndieGogo Token Launch partner) and more.

We are thrilled to work together on refining our token model end ensuring smooth delivery of our public crowdsale on 1st of February.

“WePower is a project with the potential to connect the blockchain with the real world and bring about a revolution in energy sharing and distribution. Through the tokenization of energy will come unprecedented new products, services and business models that will benefit the world” — Guy Benartzi, Bancor Co-founder and BlockchainIL advisor.

Let’s create a green energy revolution together!