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W-Foundation’s GHG campaign mobile app HOOXI ranks 4th on Google Play & App Store

UPDATE: HOOXI app tops App Store’s charts at rank 4 — just 3 days after launching! Thank you to all of HOOXI’s users! Without you, we would have never made it this far. Please continue to support us!

Great news!

Since HOOXI app’s open beta launch on 5th December, we are already ranked 4th on Google Play Store! We only managed to achieve such a good rank in just 3 days after launching because of you, our users!

App Store users, we did not forget you — HOOXI is available for you to download now.

As announced previously, we will be officially launching HOOXI in February 2019 so do keep a lookout! We will continually make improvements to the app during the open beta phase.

If you have not downloaded HOOXI, what are you waiting for? Join us in our efforts in greening the environment through greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions!

All you need to do download the app, login through your social media accounts (Facebook, Google, Naver or Kakao) and complete unique GHG reduction missions to earn points, level up, race against your friends to be the top ranking user and receive some WGP rewards! Users can use their WGP to purchase items at our HOOXI mall and at various partner venues.

It is that easy! But, points reset every month so be sure to complete your missions early.

HOOXI app not only makes caring for our environment easy, it also helps users become familiar with how they can effectively conserve energy and reduce GHG.

Our HOOXI app puts the ‘fun’ in going green. Download HOOXI today!

Don’t forget to join our official Telegram group for updates!




W GREEN PAY - The most innovative social carbon credit platform; a tokenised reward system for greenhouse gas reduction.

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W Green Pay

W Green Pay

The reward method of HOOXI App to its users' GHG reduction efforts.

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