ICON and W Green Pay’s Strategic Partnership

ICON will be actively assisting W Green Pay with its technical developments for the project’s blockchain venture

Kim Jonghyup, CEO of ICON, with Youree Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of W-Foundation

W Green Pay (WGP) is pleased to announce its latest partnership with ICON Foundation — one of the largest inter-blockchain network in the world. This partnership will add value to WGP’s blockchain development, and lead it to a highly secure and transparent infrastructure for the WGP ecosystem.

Through this collaboration, WGP is able to leverage on ICON’s blockchain expertise and network of community, making sure all WGP’s respective blockchain components are able to meet high security standards before driving for mass market adoption.

Jong-hyup Kim, Council Member of Icon, said: “This partnership has great significance in exemplifying how blockchain technology can be beneficial not only for businesses but also for non-profit public campaigns such as the HOOXI campaign. We look forward to collaborate with W Green Pay in this meaningful project, making a difference for the environment and community through innovative blockchain technologies.”

ICON is currently one of the world’s largest inter-blockchain network that has successfully developed multiple fundamental blockchain technologies. This strategic partnership with WGP will help enhance and expand ICON’s network of community, and at the same time create a positive impact for the environment.

“Security and transparency is very important for W Green Pay as it is a system implemented for the general public, to reward them for their Greenhouse Gas reduction efforts. Through this partnership with ICON, we will work together to make WGP a reliable and trusted blockchain for the people,” added Youree Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of W-Foundation — the philanthropic organization behind WGP and the HOOXI campaign.

For more information on WGP tokens, visit WGP’s official website (www.wpay.sg) and join the official Telegram group!