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Notes on AI for Enterprise
Note from the editor

Our mission at whiz.ai is to democratize enterprise data and insights via human-like conversations. Our team has decades of experience building and using enterprise software, and first hand faced the daily frustrations of a business user with abstruse enterprise applications because of it’s clunky interface, hours of training, and poor mobile experience. With advances in AI, we finally have an opportunity to build software that learns and adapts to users’ needs rather than the other way round. We have built a pre-trained conversational AI engine at whiz.ai that connects business users with their enterprise data and insights via human-like conversations on mobile and web. On WHIZDOM, we plan to share our learning while we build whiz.ai, work with clients and interact with numerous partners and collaborators. Hope you will find it as much fun and insightful as we love to create it.

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Rohit Vashisht
CoFounder/CEO, whiz.ai | Previously Activate, Sverve [acquired]
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Puja Shah
Product Marketing Manager at www.mediawide.com | Expressionist at www.outsightinsight.com
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Butool Abbas
Design thinker, education enthusiast, bollywood junkie, gypsy at heart .
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Aaron Carlock
Co-founder Whiz.ai