WITCHES RISE was born from a love of all things magic + social justice. We want to connect with more people who love those things. We want to create space for stories and teachings and passion within those two things. We want to elevate the voices of those who identify as women of color, queer, genderqueer/non-binary, trans*, disabled and/or other marginalized/silenced identities, who seek to bring the spiritual and the physical worlds together in a way that serves all.

We use the word “witch” to describe an individual (of any gender identity) who is connected to both a spiritual realm and this physical realm, who value the meeting point of magic and mundanity, and who balance personal belief with critical thinking; no pointy black hats required. We do not value witches of one tradition over witches of another (or no) tradition, witches affiliated with a sect over independent witches, or witches from one landscape over those of another.

We step away from terms like “shaman” and “lightworker,” and ideals like the Law of Attraction that turn a blind eye to oppression in all its forms, especially racism and classism.

We shun victim-blaming, slut-shaming, body-shaming, and rape apology. We do not abide internalized misogyny but seek to scrub it from our very bones.

We will call out and ask to be called out ourselves.

We seek to end cultural appropriation by spiritual folk by advocating for learning about our own internal workings, paths, and cultural lineages.

We do not shy from the darkness within. We recognize that shadows only have strength when they’re ignored, denied, or feared. When we honor our shadows and bring them into our hearts, we are healed.

We reach for a unity that worships and honors diversity, collaboration, courage, and accountability.

We like crystals, tarot, divination, skulls, moonlight, ritual, science, and fun. There’s just one thing we don’t like.

We don’t like fluff in our woo.

No cupcakes here who eschew “negativity,” or believe that fairies are tiny white girls with butterfly wings and a penchant for making humans happy.

We hope you’ll come play with us here. If you’re interested in submitting an article, check out the SUBMIT page. Otherwise, follow us so that you’ll have dibs when our next edition drops. (First edition, PROTECTION, dropped last year — you’ll find the articles labeled with that word in the titles.) Direct any questions or comments either to the comments section of the appropriate post, or email us at witchesrisepub@gmail.com!

Note: While we wish we could compensate contributors for their work, that is not within our ability at this time. Per Medium guidelines, however, you own all of your own work and you may remove your work from a publication at any time. We claim no rights over your work. We ARE in the process of finding ways to crowdsource funding for writers and will update the site as we go.


WITCHES RISE is a publication born out of the love for all things witchy, mythological, supernatural, spiritual, practical, natural, scientific, logical, sensible, and socially equitable between three mostly-humanoids living in the United States named Nicole Francesca, Gwynne Michele, and Brianna Suslovic. Hey y’all!

Nicole, Gwynne, and Brianna. Hey, y’all. :)

Gwynne is a modern mystic and a self-proclaimed bitchy psychic from Michigan. She’s been practicing and experimenting with independent witchcraft since she was 13, and is an outspoken spiritual guidance badass with a flair for the F-word and sharing the voices of marginalized groups. Gwynne runs the publication Mad Mystic, hosts a spectacular Facebook Group called Why The Fuck Not Today, and spends her time teaching her peeps how to blend sensible, scientific reason with several forms of magic. Read more of her work on Medium and follow her on Instagram.

Nicole is a self-taught naturalist, having worked as a park ranger and in other outdoor gigs for the better part of ten years. She currently lives in Maryland. She teaches the interpretation of messages received from the natural world and its creatures, and is learning how European-Americans like her can reconnect with their spiritual heritages to heal their own lines and the havoc that European ancestors wrought upon other nations. Nicole is currently in grad school for a masters in social work: after graduation she hopes to work with queer youth, survivors, and combat veterans. You can find more of her work at The Wild Francesca online, follow her on Instagram and read more of her stuff on her blog, the place between. If you’re interested in following her work that is published exclusively on Patreon (such as the Diary of a Woke Witch Wannabe and her educational series on learning about animal messages, called Animal Allies), you can join her on Patreon.

Brianna is an aspiring witch with a passion for writing, reading and spellcasting for social justice. She identifies as a queer woman of color from a working-class background, and she is currently a Master’s student at a social work program in Massachusetts. Most of her work explores ritual and mindfulness as a means of connecting to ancestral tradition, the natural world, and somatic experience. She would love to one day run a social justice-focused private therapy and healing practice. To check out more of her work, visit her website! You can also compensate her at her Patreon or her Paypal.

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget that sharing is loving!

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