The WiV Digital Wine Cellar

WiV Technology is proud to introduce the WiV Digital Wine Cellar!

The Features:

  • NFT Overview: The Digital Cellar will provide users with an overview of the wine NFTs in their wallets
  • Valuations: The Cellar will provide users with an estimated valuation of their current collection of wine NFTs based on secondary market values and in house data
  • Trading: The digital cellar will be a one-stop shop for blockchain wine, offering users the ability to select an NFT and list it on the market for sale, a button to go directly to our collection on Opensea, and browse available wine NFTs to purchase, plus much more…
  • Charts and Graphs: The digital cellar will have built-in charts that display the price movements of your wine NFTs and the breakdown of your collection based on region, country, grape, etc.
  • Individual NFT Overview: The digital cellar will allow users to click on individual wine assets to view important data on the NFT and some news/information pertaining to the asset
  • Wine Collector Badge Display: A new aspect of collecting wine on the blockchain will be the fun of earning wine collector badges. You can read more about these badges in our Legacy Collection article (here). The badges will be displayed alongside your wine NFTs showing your prestige as a collector and the goals you need to hit in order to become a true wine enthusiast.
  • Earn Yield on your NFTs: Within the digital wine cellar there will be an option to deposit your wine NFT in WIVX, allowing you to earn a yield on your already appreciating asset
  • Borrow against your NFTs: On top of earning a yield, you will also be able to borrow WIVX tokens of up to 60% of the value of your wine NFTs. This will be the first wine lending platform for retail wine owners.
  • Redemption Service: The digital cellar will also provide users a way to redeem their wines so that instead of profiting off the wine they can actually drink it in the comfort of their own home. (To redeem before peak years owners must pay a $WIVA gas fee)

Let the Wine to Blockchain Revolution begin!



Using Blockchain technology, WiV has created a novel solution to the logistical and authentication issues plaguing physical real world assets. By transforming cases and bottles of wine in NFTs we can create.

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