The WiV Legacy Collection: Wine Selection Methodology

Thomas Williams
WiV Technology
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2 min readNov 30, 2021


The 2022 Legacy Collection is a special moment for the WIVA Community. We are excited to announce our first official wine collection paired with new features, the digital cellar, and of course a new design.

Learn more about the collection here: The Legacy Collection

Data, Data… More Data

We are also excited to utilize our data-first approach in selecting the wines that we will be offering out to our wine community. Each wine has been backtested and selected for a specific reason. Below is more on our wine selection methodology.

Selection Methodology

In order to select the wines in the 2022 WiV Legacy collection, we used the following methodology.

  • Wines must be in Bond or come directly from the producer.
  • Five or more vintages of the wine must have been traded on the secondary market within the last 3 years.
  • The wine must have been traded 10 or more times during the last 5 years.
  • The wine must prove to have over 3 previous vintages outperforming the chosen benchmark throughout its lifecycle.
  • Our chosen benchmark is the Liv-ex 1000 index, representing an aggregate view of the entire investible wine market.

Gold, Silver, Bronze Classifications

Additionally, within the 2022 Legacy collection, we have also chosen subclassifications of investment grade. The classifications of Gold, Silver, and Bronze are decided based on the price points, appreciation, historical performance, and prestige of our selected Legacy wines.

  • Gold Assets are pristine. They are very liquid, easily tradeable, and have the lowest volatility with high historical returns.
  • Silver Assets are solid investment assets. They usually are very liquid as well with big brand names and are traded globally. Silver assets also perform and generate stable returns with low volatility.
  • Bronze Assets are more of a wild card. They usually will perform better than most wine assets but are more inclined to have volatility. Some Bronze assets will establish themselves in the market from a much lower position, increasing the upside of the potential investment. Simply put, Bronze assets have a higher upside and lower downside.

We hope that this helps you understand why investing in WiV wines is a safe and secure investment vehicle. We put a lot of effort and analysis into selecting our wines to make sure that our community receives the type of wine that is right for them.

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