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Alexander Heckel
Oct 23 · 3 min read

Our vision is and always has been to build a wallet for the 99% of people who did not study computer science to create and manage an EOS account. Wombat is all about great UX and helping everyday users to enjoy decentralised applications (dApps) with ease. We want to remove all entry barriers for first-time users and want to make EOS dApps more accessible.

With this vision in mind we acknowledge that for most people it is an unfamiliar concept to pay upfront for a “wallet”, to “stake resources” and to keep track of “CPU spikes” just to play a game on EOS. Therefore we made sure from the very beginning that EOS accounts created with Wombat are free, that technicalities such as “staking CPU” are abstracted away and that the wallet and dApp-experience is similar to the experience everyday users are used to.

What is CPU on EOS?

Very simplified, all transactions triggered by the users are broadcasted to the EOS blockchain and are than processed by the Block Producers. To make sure no-one is spamming the network with transactions users have to “stake” (or lock) EOS to prove that they have skin in the game. The more EOS someone stakes, the more CPU time is allocated to the respective user. To make sure Wombat users can send transactions to the network (e.g. to play Chain Clash or participate in the Prospectors challenge) Wombat delegates some EOS to each user.

Free CPU & NET with Wombat

All users who create an EOS account with Wombat via Android, iOS or Chrome automatically get delegated (staked on their behalf) 0.8 EOS for CPU and 0.2 EOS for NET. This is usually enough for most users to play games without even noticing that Wombat delegated EOS to their accounts. As the recent CPU spikes demonstrated (as shown in the screenshot below) it may happen that more EOS needs to be staked for CPU to make sure users can still enjoy using dApps. This is why Wombat automatically increases the stake in the free version up to 6.4 EOS and for Wombat Prime users (EUR 0,99 monthly subscription) up to 50 EOS. All this happens under the hood and does not require any user interaction. For users who are interested (or have studied computer science) they can open their wallet and click on “resources” to get full transparency.

Screenshot from

How much CPU is enough?

In a nutshell: Wombat users basically never have to worry about CPU. As of today the price for one millisecond (MS) is 0.0075 EOS. Assuming that 1 transaction (heavily depends on the type of transaction) costs 1 ms, users can do 853 daily transactions with 6.4 EOS staked and 6666 daily transactions with 50 EOS staked (Wombat Prime).

However, the picture changes when we have significant CPU spikes like the ones during the last couple of weeks when CPU went up by more than 10x. With CPU prices of 0.1 EOS/MS the number of transactions decreases accordingly and “only” 500 transactions are possible with 50 EOS staked.

In summary, most Wombat users have enough CPU for an average dApp-usage and can sign up for Wombat Prime if really needed to boost the CPU up to 50 EOS. We are currently working on a REX integration to allow even more CPU for Prime users way beyond 1000 EOS.

Let us know what you think! Make sure to follow our Twitter account for feature and partnership announcements. For any feedback and inquiries, our Telegram community will be waiting for you!

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