Wombattle Part II: 5000 PGL for ‘real workers’ in Prospectors

Alexander Heckel
Oct 17, 2019 · 3 min read
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Attention everyone, the Wombattle Series continues with the game Prospectors. The 20 players who work the hardest will each get a share of the 5.000 PGL prize pool. So it’s all about mining and working as much as possible. The challenge will be held from the 28th of October (9 am UTC) until the 1st of November (1 pm UTC).

How to participate?

Every Wombat user can participate at the Wombattle. If you have not heard of Wombat yet — Wombat offers free EOS accounts, free staking and is available for Android, iOS and Google Chrome. Simply install Wombat on your device of choice and you are good to go for the Wombattle.

To qualify for the Wombattle ranking you have to do two things: First, your workers need to complete at least 30 job or house-building activities in total. All activities of all your workers are added up over the 5-day period. Only if the limit of 30 is reached your account goes into the ranking. Once you have reached 30 activities we stop counting and mark your account as a qualified one for the ranking and the respective prize pool. Second, you need to mine as much as possible with your 3 workers during the same 5-day period. All mining activities on your own and on free plots are counted. At the end of the Wombattle, all hours are added up and all players get ranked by the total amount of hours worked in mining jobs. The top 20 players will each get a share of the 5.000 PGL based on their relative contribution to the total amount of mining hours worked by the top 20 players. In a nutshell: Work 30 jobs to qualify and mine as much as possible to climb up the ranking.

Why Prospectors?

Prospectors is currently among the top games across all blockchains and certainly one of our favorites. Being a real-time multiplayer game with nice graphics and well-thought-through economics, it sets the bar high for games to come in the EOS ecosystem. For those of you who haven’t played Prospectors already — the theme of the game is: “America at the time of the gold rush”, and your goal is to find, earn and dig for gold. The gold hunt requires you to mine resources, craft items, construct buildings, conduct jobs, team up with others and many more actions. The complex world of Prospectors has a lot to discover. Read up on our beginner’s guide for Prospectors to get a more detailed overview of the game.

To keep everyone informed about the current rankings, we will post and update the leaderboard on twitter and telegram daily. Once the winners are determined, we’ll transfer the prizes directly into the corresponding Wombat wallets.

Good Luck to all you Wombaters out there! Let the gold rush begin!

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