Goodbye EOS CPU. Hello Wombat!

Adrian Krion
Wombat Blog
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3 min readJan 23, 2020


We’re building Wombat because we want to make accessing and utilizing blockchain technology to everyday users really easy. So far, we’ve made getting an EOS account super fast and simple — the average onboarding takes less than 20 seconds — and now, we’re going a step further. Since the advent of the EIDOS project and the dramatic rise of EOS CPU prices, there’s been a lot of debate about how to tackle this dynamic. And here we go, presenting the new CPU system that lets you forget about CPU altogether.

Wait, what?!

We’re moving away from the concept of staking CPU for each user to paying for the CPU of a certain number of transactions per day. We do this through the so-called Resource Pool which we fill up with EOS on your behalf. Every time you sign a transaction Wombat co-signs this transaction, which allows us to be charged for the consumed CPU instead of you. This helps us utilizing the existing resources better which means we can in turn give more free transactions for free.

How many transactions do I get for free?

As before, you can use all the Dapps participating in the UnlimitedPlay program as much as you want for free. The list of Dapps currently includes:

  • Prospectors
  • EOS Dynasty
  • Chain Clash
  • Solitaire Duel
  • Candypop Duel
  • Hexa Puzzle Duel
  • EOS Racing

With many more to come. All actions against other Dapps will count towards your daily quota.

By default, every user gets 5 actions for free per day. Actions, not TRANSactions? Yes, to be very precise it’s actions (in technical EOS terms). However, typically one transaction is equal to one action on EOS. So, in a nutshell, you can basically sign up to 5 transactions outside of UnlimitedPlay per day with Wombat wallet.

What happens if I exceed my quota?

Once you’ve used up the number of free actions that we provide to you, any additional actions will be billed against your usual EOS CPU staking. This way, we can allow all users to use most Dapps and play most games without having to think about CPU on EOS, at all.

How do I get more transactions?

It’s very simple: sign up for Wombat Prime. This will let you sign up to 50 actions per day instead of 5 for less than one Euro (depending on your country). At the current market prices for CPU and with average usage, that’s more than EUR 3.50 worth of CPU, resulting in an ROI of over 350% on your purchase :-)

Head over to Settings in your Wombat iOS or Android app, tap Wombat Prime and follow the instructions.

Where can I see my remaining quota?

To see how many actions you have left you go to Setting in Wombat and you will find the remaining number under “Use Wombat Resource Pool”. You also have the chance to disable the resource pool if you don’t want Wombat to co-sign any transactions.

We sincerely hope that you like this simplification of the rather technical concept of CPU. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest news. For any feedback and inquiries, our Telegram community will be waiting for you!