Wombat’s Hot Pursuit on EOS Racing

Alexander Heckel
Nov 27, 2019 · 3 min read

With the next Wombattle we are conducting a contest on EOS Racing. Beat your opponents and grab a share of the prize with a total worth of 100 EOS. We will reward the fastest 50 Wombat users (matches & competitions count). The goal of the cup is to beat your opponents by speeding through traffic as fast as you can thus coming out on top of the ranking. The competition will start on the 2nd of December at 10 am UTC and will end on the 6th of December, same time. Set up your race car and join the fun. Best thing about it, CPU will be for free so that participation does not require staked EOS.

How to participate and win the Wombattle?

First things first, to take part in the competition you need to have a Wombat account. Wombat offers free EOS accounts and is available on Android, iOS or Chrome. After downloading Wombat you can start the game EOS Racing for free. A basic race car will be automatically assigned during your first log in to EOS Racing. Now you are ready and set to go.

In order to qualify for the Wombattle you have to race at least once either in a competition or in a match. Once you finish a race we will put your time in the Wombattle ranking. The ranking will always account for your fastest time within the timespan of the Wombattle.

For the competition it does not matter what kind of car you are racing with, so you may want to consider upgrading your basic race car or buy or assemble a new one in a higher tier to gain a little advantage. Also it does not matter with how many different cars you participate, since the ranking will be by EOS accounts.

The prize split for the first 50 ranks will be as follows:

Wombattle Prize pool in EOS

Double the prize pool to 100 EOS

To double the prize pool you have to follow Wombat on twitter, retweet THIS TWEET and tag 2 friends. Each qualifying retweet will add 0,5 EOS to the prize pool until the Wombattle begins. The prize pool will be adjusted accordingly.

What is EOS Racing?

EOS Racing is a great new racing game which is based on the EOS blockchain. The main objective of the game is to compete against others in achieving a better lap time. Thereby, a race car needs to be maneuvered with skill through traffic. Winners can earn themselves rewards in the form of EOS or in-game items like fuel or different car pieces. One can participate in individual races as well as in competitions where they rank against multiple opponents. During the course of the game cars can be levelled up, bought, sold, assembled or disassembled. The game also has a marketplace integrated on which cars, car pieces and fuel can be traded among users. With the right strategy and good trading skills players can actually make a small profit by playing. With this being said, EOS racing has everything one can ask from a blockchain game. Definitely a must play for all blockchain gamers and EOS enthusiasts.

Make sure you don’t miss the start of the Wombattle on the 2nd of December and have your Wombat Version up to date when the competition starts. Stay tuned on our Twitter and join our group on Telegram to get the latest news about Wombat and the Wombattle.

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