An “Ask Yourself Empowering Questions” Writer’s Challenge Response

Is a Bountiful Harvest Still Within Reach?

Prompt #2: What experience do I want to create now?

Susan Foster
4 min readJul 3, 2021


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When I first saw the question, “What experience do I want to create now?” which is listed as the second prompt of Tree Langdon’s “Ask Yourself Empowering Questions” writer’s challenge, all kinds of world-improving and lofty goals came to my mind. What surfaced amongst my thoughts, however, was what I’ve been most preoccupied with this week. The experience I am currently working hard towards and which I’m determined to create is the satisfaction of growing a bountiful harvest in my garden this year.

A successful garden is an ambitious task for me this year. Especially so, because until just a few days ago (June 27!) my garden beds and pots were empty. If winter comes early, or even “on time” here in Montana, I won’t be harvesting much. However, if the snow and cold temperatures hold off, I’m going to do everything I can to ensure we reap the benefits of what I just planted.

Planting a garden on June 27 in Montana felt a little ridiculous. Yet, I was far from the only one buying herbs, tomato, eggplant, and pepper plants at the nursery that morning. I suspect some people were planting for the second time this season; replanting gardens that froze. But other people, like me, were just finally getting around to it.

I usually plant my vegetables and herbs about the first week of June; some from seed, but many from previously established plants I’ve purchased. Our growing season is far too short to start everything from seed, and I haven’t the patience (or green thumb) to start my own plants indoors. Where I live, above 4000 feet in the mountains of Montana, we are typically not safe from a hard frost or snow until about Memorial Day. Winter can last that long and will sometimes return in September.

This year, we had a late winter storm on May 22nd, that dumped over 18 inches of snow on us, and temperatures dropped well below freezing for a few days. Some of the people who were at the nursery purchasing plants the same day I was there were replanting gardens that had frozen during this storm.



Susan Foster
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Susan lives in Montana with her husband and a clever Jenga-playing dog. The author of a regrettably neglected blog, she hopes to publish her debut novel soon.