8 Strategic Ways to Get Clients As a Freelance Writer

These tips will help you get more clients fast if you are struggling as a freelance writer.

Abdul Rashid Sani
Writers’ Blokke


freelance writer with a laptop

Finding ways to get clients to hire you is different from having writing skills. For beginners and even expert freelance writers, it is difficult to get clients to hire you.

You might have the skills but still not get clients. With little effort and the tips that I will be sharing with you, you will be able to end your struggling moments.

These tips will work for you like magic if you are patient enough to practice every day.

1. Partner with other freelancers

It may not sound good to you. But hear me out. A website developer or graphic designer can recommend you to their clients.

A freelance writer with loads of work can choose to dash you some of his work if you are in partnership. So you see why it is superior to partner with other freelancers?

2. Guest post

To be honest with you, not all guest postings may pay you. But, the goal here is to sell yourself online writing for other blogs. Your next client might find your work enticing and would want to hire you.

3. Reach out to former clients

Have you worked with a client before who was satisfied with your work? Try to reach out to them again. Find out about their next writing project and offer to give them your best.

4. Join groups on social media

Social media is a smart move to land your next client. You can join groups or follow particular company pages to search for opportunities.

5. Start a blog

One of the best ways to earn more money from your freelance writing job is to start a blog. Focus on a particular niche. Your next client might want to see your writing skills. LinkedIn and Medium are free sites to start a blog for free.

6. Cold pitching

The idea of cold pitching might sound scary if you are a beginner. But, if you do it the right way, you will be on your way to land a full-time job.

7. Join job boards

There are several job boards for you to find your client. Upwork, Fiverr, ProBlogger, etc. You can find a lot of new job postings every day. Optimize your profile with specific keywords about your industry and skills.

8. Improve your skills

Above all, you need to sharpen your writing skills. If necessary, take an online course. It takes more than talent to succeed. You need to polish your skills from time to time to become an expert at what you do.

I believe these tips will help you find more clients even faster as a freelance writer. And I hope you’ve made a list to help you start making money from your writing works.

Good luck!