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The publication for writers and readers to create and read amazing content

Go to the profile of Benny Lim
Benny Lim
Medium writer since 2019 with over 700k+ views. Currently writing my way to a better life, and helping you lead a better life, one article at a time.
Go to the profile of Eliane L. White
Eliane L. White
Not a seasoned writer, just a human doing this thing called life. *** My motto: Filling up my cup, so I can overflow into yours
Go to the profile of Louise Foerster
Louise Foerster
Writes "A snapshot in time we can all relate to - with a twist." Novelist, marketer, business story teller, new product imaginer…
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Go to the profile of Shafiqah Othman
Shafiqah Othman
Singapore-bred Malaysian who enjoys sharing her too honest thoughts on life, feminism, love, and religion among other things. www.shafiqahothman.com
Go to the profile of Lorie Kleiner Eckert
Lorie Kleiner Eckert
Lorie writes slice-of-life stories from a baby boomer’s point of view. You can find her books, art work — and more — on her website, LorieKleinerEckert.com.
Go to the profile of Jeremy Divinity
Jeremy Divinity
Exploring ways of being. Doctoral student (Ed.D.), Strategist, Writer. Located in Los Angeles @Yermzus on Twitter.
Go to the profile of EP McKnight, MEd
EP McKnight, MEd
Actress, Stage playwright, Author, Motivational Speaker, Teacher Fitness Coach. www.epmcknight.wixsite.epfitspiration Follow me: Tiktok, imdb.me/epmcknight
Go to the profile of Gill McCulloch
Gill McCulloch
I write stories and poems about subjects I care deeply about and things that make me laugh. Founder, Safe + Sound First Aid Training Ltd. gill@learnfirstaid.ca
Go to the profile of Don Simkovich, MA
Don Simkovich, MA
Don is co-author of the Tom Stone Detective novels on Amazon and writes content for businesses. Visit www.donsimkovich.com or Don Simkovich Amazon.
Go to the profile of Matthew Laint
Matthew Laint
Technology and life enthusiast.
Go to the profile of Melih Gungor
Go to the profile of Agnes Laurens
Agnes Laurens
Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper. Agnes lives in The Netherlands, with three daughters. https://linktr.ee/alaurens
Go to the profile of M. R. Prichard
M. R. Prichard
I’m not confused, I’m just not paying attention. B.S. in English composition, burgeoning gamer girl, and mental health advocate.
Go to the profile of Kylie Craft
Go to the profile of Mario López-Goicoechea
Mario López-Goicoechea
London-based, Cuban writer. Author of “Cuban, Immigrant, and Londoner” https://uk.bookshop.org/a/6886/9781528994293 https://acubaninlondon.medium.com/membership
Go to the profile of Aish Mann
Aish Mann
An economist by training & a writer by soul, I write about topics that I feel add value to the world.
Go to the profile of Liam Hunter-Bailey
Liam Hunter-Bailey
Hey! I’m a British, travel obsessed student of languages, writing about productivity & self-improvement. Support me here! → https://liamhb.medium.com/membership
Go to the profile of Connie Song
Connie Song
I write until it is time to kiss the moon and tuck in the stars. Medium Top Writer. Poetry. Editor of Purple Ink. Twitter Connie Song 10.
Go to the profile of A Fresh Pot of Coffee
A Fresh Pot of Coffee
Decluttering my mind, scooping out deep-seated thoughts, stirring my soul and expressing them for you to enjoy some fresh, awakening perspectives
Go to the profile of Lori Quayle
Lori Quayle
I have several goals for my writing — among them is the hope that something I write will either inspire you, inform you, or simply entertain you.
Go to the profile of Londen Mackey
Londen Mackey
Someone who loves music enough to tell my random thoughts about it. Part-time Writer
Go to the profile of Rima Alrwais
Rima Alrwais
Engineer | Creative | Writer
Go to the profile of Cee Arr
Cee Arr
Writer, (book) blogger, reader, poet @ dorareads.co.uk , Queer, weird, bookish rebel. Welsh as a tractor on the M4. She/Her. Buy me a coffee @ ko-fi.com/ceearr
Go to the profile of Alinoor Accoy
Alinoor Accoy
I write stories that matter. Let’s work together: docaliaccoy@gmail.com instagram: @aliaccoy
Go to the profile of Jupiter K.
Jupiter K.
I tell stories through photography. Journey of self discovery. Currently travelling through India. Visit me at jupiterkonnections.com or IG:@jupiterkonnections
Go to the profile of Mike Maher
Mike Maher
@MikeMaher on Twitter & IG. Book publishing person. Editor: @PublishingWell, @InvisiblePillar, @TheBirdsBlitz, & @JuicedBallEra. News & Words: @FantasyPros.
Go to the profile of LuluParadise
I’m a Canadian-based aspiring YA author and a full-time student at the University of Toronto. Follow me if you like content filled with self-depreciating humor.
Go to the profile of Edith Sam
Edith Sam
I’m a muser, a big believer in the universe and love to explore intricate ideas under the sun. Read more @ www.crumpledticket.com
Go to the profile of David Torres
David Torres
Technical Consultant | Python Developer | Machine Learning | Data Analytics | DataScience | Mexican. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-tc/
Go to the profile of Justin Jones Li
Justin Jones Li
Writes about his life. Sometimes does voice acting.
Go to the profile of KAM
Learning to express.
Go to the profile of Janhavi P.
Janhavi P.
Globe-trottin’, Bollywood-lovin’, foodie-fanatic, just trying to dance through life one beat at a time! Yellow Jackets forever and Viva La Pharmacie! ❤
Go to the profile of Keith R. Higgons
Keith R. Higgons
Writer & Podcaster — Abandoned Albums — abandonedalbums.com
Go to the profile of Rabia Zulfqar
Rabia Zulfqar
I enjoy writing about my surrounded people and their real life problems along with its solutions. | Interested in spreading good vibes.
Go to the profile of Jordan Paisley
Jordan Paisley
A plain-spoken Christian life writer, from London. Articles etched with a dash of satire - just to make sure you’re concentrating.
Go to the profile of Fazla Fiyaz
Go to the profile of Nicole Bryan
Nicole Bryan
CEO and Founder of Growth MindED Consulting, Executive Coach & Real Estate Investor. Personal Development & Mindset Writer. Email: bryannicole@hotmail.com
Go to the profile of Neha Somani
Neha Somani
Developer, poet, writer etc..etc..many roles but at the core — a compassionate & down to earth soul spreading joy & happiness!! 😇😊🦸
Go to the profile of Susan B. Scheck
Susan B. Scheck
I’m an eclectic soul, writing and wondering my way through life. Knitting, cats and genealogy are my passions — politics, other cultures and travel, too.
Go to the profile of Tessa Andrews
Tessa Andrews
Just an amateur writer trying to make the most of my short time on earth.
Go to the profile of Sabah Ismail✨
Sabah Ismail✨
A writer, artist & seeker exploring the world around me & the Universe within me. Expect words on healing, spirituality and all that comes with being human.
Go to the profile of Kris Franklin
Kris Franklin
Amateur writer hoping to make my readers some money betting on sports. https://thekrisbets.com Twitter @_thekris
Go to the profile of Jogi @recentering
Jogi @recentering
Data Scientist. Meditator. Entrepreneur. In Search of the Goal. Available at: jogi[dot]recentering[at]gmail
Go to the profile of Vanessa Damián
Vanessa Damián
I’m a Mom, cancer survivor, and educator revisiting my love for eclecticism.
Go to the profile of Denise Vitola
Denise Vitola
Writer, reader, lifelong rebel. Learning things the hard way since 1963.
Go to the profile of Stuart Englander
Stuart Englander
If it comes to mind, I usually write about it. Lucky for you I don’t always publish it. Stuff I do post goes to your inbox from https://ungarprod.medium.com/me
Go to the profile of Mikayla Linton
Go to the profile of Onete Gabriel
Onete Gabriel
I'm that kind of permanently curious person, who's daydreaming, night thinking and always trying to become a better version of himself.
Go to the profile of Mythili
Sunset Warrior; Harbinger of Doom. 9th grade student who calls India her home. I write and write about Politics, Economics, History, Literature, and Cinema :)
Go to the profile of Andrew Kamal
Andrew Kamal
The dude with many different talents *Coder *Inventor *Startup Advisor *Coptic Activist *Sponsored Athlete *Blogger *Conservative *Researcher *Miaphysite
Go to the profile of Domi Perek
Domi Perek
Entrepreneur, Fashion Gal, Magazine Co-Founder. 30 under 30 by Forbes in Media x Marketing. Connect with me via Instagram @domi_perek
Go to the profile of Ruth Matthews
Ruth Matthews
On a mission to live true to myself. I write about creative non-conformity & self-love. Subscribe to my free weekly newsletter here: https://rb.gy/utwgyk
Go to the profile of Rubaiyat Rahman
Rubaiyat Rahman
A South Asian Academic, Book Reviewer, Maritime & International Affairs Analyst. Rubaiyat loves to wade across the universe of Reading and Writing.
Go to the profile of Fatma
Photography, film, stuff to see and think about
Go to the profile of Harshy
Wrote in my youth for expression, Writing now for sanity. Read in my youth for escape, Reading now for grounding.
Go to the profile of Zulie Rane
Zulie Rane
Content creator, cat mom, 6-figure entrepreneur. She/her. Get 2x weekly emails on how to make money writing online: https://zuliewrites.ck.page/3e3d3a8187
Go to the profile of Nishu Jain
Nishu Jain
Obsessed with Tech, Biz, Arts & Words; Does NOT dumb down the writing; Skilled Wordsmith; Delivers the best
Go to the profile of Saurabh Adhane
Saurabh Adhane
Writer and software Engineer also loves photography and solo Travelling
Go to the profile of Mary Sasso
Go to the profile of Shreyas A
Shreyas A
We grow not by years, but through stories.
Go to the profile of Sara Young
Sara Young
Rebellion Leader, writer and artist. I write things that scare me, and speak my mind even when it’s dangerous. www.spikeofalltrades.com/eloquentasfuck
Go to the profile of Erica U.
Go to the profile of Danni Williams
Danni Williams
I write fantasy and paranormal romance under Danni Williams and steamy romance under Emma Stone.
Go to the profile of Holly Jahangiri
Holly Jahangiri
Writer and Kid-at-Heart, often found at https://jahangiri.us. Subscribe to my (free!) Newsletter: https://hollyjahangiri.substack.com
Go to the profile of HouseofNirvan
Go to the profile of Turkan Devrijova
Turkan Devrijova
ENFP-A| Researcher, Writer, Life Enthusiast
Go to the profile of Jessie Hamilton
Go to the profile of Tessa Char
Tessa Char
Mental wellness advocate via MindTerra | (W)righting the wrongs in the world in justice, feminism, dating, self-help, and well-life. https://linktr.ee/tessachar
Go to the profile of Naba K.
Naba K.
A person who puts emotions, experiences, and opinions into her writing.
Go to the profile of Rebecca Ruth Gould
Rebecca Ruth Gould
Poetry, politics, author’s rights, the Caucasus, Iran, Palestine. Writer. Educator. rrgould.hcommons.org. Support my work ☕ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/rrgould
Go to the profile of Phoebe Kirke
Phoebe Kirke
Feminist, activist, sister, but above all, hurt. Writing is my path to living life to the fullest.
Go to the profile of Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)
Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)
🧠 The Dyslexic Top Writer in Reading | Reading for Growth 📚| Writing for Self-Expression 🖋| ☕ Connect: https://ko-fi.com/trishadunbar | All views are my own
Go to the profile of Linda Acaster
Linda Acaster
British multi-genre fiction author who haunts historic sites. www.lindaacaster.com
Go to the profile of Frankie Calkins
Frankie Calkins
M. Ed. Seattle, WA. Marketing Manager by day. Personal finance YouTuber and Author by night and weekends. @TheMoneyResolution
Go to the profile of Raza Hussain, MD
Raza Hussain, MD
Addiction Medicine Physician. Author. Featured in Shape Magazine. Currently in Nashville, TN. razahussainmd.com
Go to the profile of T.L. Spezia
T.L. Spezia
T.L. Spezia writes short fiction and creative nonfiction in southeast Michigan. He edits Boneyard Soup, a horror & dark fantasy magazine. Twitter:@timothyspezia
Go to the profile of Em
Editor of Enjoyable Sex and Hypocritical + artofenjoyablesex.substack.com
Go to the profile of Paul Mansfield
Paul Mansfield
A mage of the pen, whose magic springs from the telling of tales. An iconoclast who promotes all fiction, but whose love is Transgressive Fiction.
Go to the profile of Peter Duz
Peter Duz
I’m a young guy trying to make first steps in the creative industry against the tide.
Go to the profile of Hunter Cabot
Hunter Cabot
Dancing with 7 billion beautiful souls on a rolling Big Blue Marble, and somehow managing to keep my balance! Peace out. Editor of The Big Blue Marble
Go to the profile of Linda Kowalchek
Linda Kowalchek
Member of the typewriter generation. I write about the writer’s journey, relationships, and things that happened to me. Reach me at Linda.kowalchek@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Uzoma Okafor
Uzoma Okafor
Lover. Poet. Fighter. World Wide Woman
Go to the profile of Sachin pandit
Sachin pandit
Trying to spread some positivity, medical student interested in neurology.
Go to the profile of Georgia Fox
Georgia Fox
Chasing the authentic human experience.
Go to the profile of keypressingmonkey
Programmer by day, creative writer by night. Hop on my Substack: https://codingtofreedom.Substack.com
Go to the profile of Heather S. Wargo
Heather S. Wargo
Italian American Writer in PA wilds. Gen X survivor attempting to climb shrinking narrow. Despite all my rage, still just a rat in a cage.
Go to the profile of Tochukwu Evans Okoro
Tochukwu Evans Okoro
Creating solutions to the things I struggled with - tochukwuokoro.com
Go to the profile of NoR
I like to write. Luceat Lux Vestra
Go to the profile of Eric Pierce
Eric Pierce
Writer, gamer, pop culture nerd. Editor of Fanfare. Probably thinking about Star Wars.
Go to the profile of John Verset
John Verset
Skimming the 'fine' lines of society. Sceptic, Introspective, and an Inquisitive person who loves writing.
Go to the profile of Ukyawang Marma
Go to the profile of Sara Moton
Sara Moton
Digital Marketer/Blogger
Go to the profile of Charles Domalewski
Go to the profile of Pete Shmigel
Pete Shmigel
Pete Shmigel writes, coaches, advocates for mental health, and serves on Boards - after surviving 3 CEO gigs and professional politics.
Go to the profile of Vincent Ong
Vincent Ong
Writer. The Millionaire Pen. The Wealth Ninja. ILLUMINATION. Making of a Millionaire. The Writing Cooperative. Writers’ Blokke, etc. All about finance.
Go to the profile of Mayank Khandelwal
Mayank Khandelwal
Trying to go big because playing small never serves the world. Know more about me - https://tinteduniverse.com/
Go to the profile of Dylan Deckard
Go to the profile of Carla McCarty
Carla McCarty
Writer (MFA in Creative Writing), middle-school English teacher (25 years and counting!), college English instructor and crazy cat lady (owner of 16 cats).
Go to the profile of Ax Ramshore
Ax Ramshore
Uncovering books while attempting poetry. Top writer in Books and Reading.
Go to the profile of Opemipo Omosa
Opemipo Omosa
I write fiction books with fun heroines. I also enjoy reading books and writing little musings in my head. Email:authoromosaopemipo@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Bohui Yi
Bohui Yi
Writing is sharing. I write to inspire myself and hopefully inspire you too.
Go to the profile of Abhishek
It took me some time to believe I could write stories. I’m a blank slate every morning. https://medium.com/@abhishek1811/m
Go to the profile of Remy Awika
Remy Awika
Student of the Mysteries, inspired by creativity and happiness. Sharing Love, Light and Wisdom. Pick my brain remy.awika@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Rakshit Shah
Rakshit Shah
Computer Engineer | Foodie | Traveler| Love to learn & earn new things in daily life.
Go to the profile of Katierene Rosz
Katierene Rosz
I write about personal growth, mostly about self reflections. IT Professional by background and a digital entrepreneur. Advocate -Optimal health, wealth & self.
Go to the profile of Kate Bergeron
Kate Bergeron
Dallas-based author, artist, homeschool mom, and all-around know-it-all. Former journalist and small-town newspaper editor. Katebergeronauthor.com
Go to the profile of Jackie Keitu
Jackie Keitu
Come and Experience my take on everything | Bsc Psychology student 👩🏽‍🎓 with a lot to say
Go to the profile of Amtul Jabeen
Amtul Jabeen
Positivity magnet. Writer. Mom. Enthusiast. Dreamer.
Go to the profile of Tammi Brownlee
Tammi Brownlee
An author, screenwriter and teacher. Sign up for my newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/2b1ebf3a6f70/thewritersbookcase
Go to the profile of Eric Cote
Eric Cote
Student in Professional Translation at Université de Sherbrooke. Trail runner, urban sketcher, photographer and dabbling writer.
Go to the profile of Ravi Saroj
Ravi Saroj
2X Top Writer, I write about Books, Self Help, Philosophy, and Business. Open to gigs: ravisarojwork@gmail.com
Go to the profile of The Soulful Phoenix
The Soulful Phoenix
A woman on a journey to liberation; writing, creating, and advocating in the midst of it all.
Go to the profile of BioTech Mom
BioTech Mom
National certified Cytogenetic, researcher and a MOM
Go to the profile of Ash
Hey I am a student who is learning and discovering myself and the world.
Go to the profile of Laura is writing....
Laura is writing....
Recovering Travel Writer. Passionate about personal development, Financial Freedom and FIRE. Founder of the Financial Independence / Retire Early Publication.
Go to the profile of Lee J. Bentch
Lee J. Bentch
I am an author, a technology guy, a grandad, a widower, and a man with many interests. I write to inform and entertain. Email: lee@lbentch.com
Go to the profile of Luay Rahil
Luay Rahil
I study how the top 1% live, work & lead, and turn their winning habits into easy-to-use routines you can use for life and business.
Go to the profile of Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston
Writer of fiction, documentarian, currently stranded in Asia. Learn more at www.findthefabulist.com.
Go to the profile of Ed Pepin
Ed Pepin
Writer, Photographer, USMC Veteran, Military Firefighter, Commercial Drone Pilot. All photos used in my stories were taken by me.
Go to the profile of Beth Byfield
Beth Byfield
Go to the profile of Nicholas E. Barron
Nicholas E. Barron
A farm boy turned professional writer. Publishing stories about books, content marketing, and writing. | he, him, his 🏳️‍🌈
Go to the profile of Sidra Riaz
Sidra Riaz
An avid reader and a writer in the making. Email: sidrariaz1110@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Martial Tipsey
Martial Tipsey
Snr. Product Manager — Passionate about crypto and helping others succeed in the space. Join my community, https://monumentalexpansion.com/community
Go to the profile of Lorain Kinoko
Lorain Kinoko
Go to the profile of Russell Lim
Russell Lim
I teach high school mathematics in Melbourne, Australia. I like thinking about interesting problems and learning new things.
Go to the profile of Tree Langdon
Tree Langdon
Want to learn to write? Join me here to get started. Use this link: https://treelangdon.medium.com/membership, then email me at treemillie@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Aemen Farooq
Aemen Farooq
I write about mental health, self-development, self-care, and life lessons as they happen. Editor of sapphirel.com/ https://aemenfarooq.medium.com/membership
Go to the profile of Ruchi Dixit
Ruchi Dixit
I care about women's issues, health, stories and coffee! I take pictures and write about them (mostly).
Go to the profile of Izere Imosemi
Izere Imosemi
lawyer, infrequent writer, reluctant social media user...
Go to the profile of A. Noah
A. Noah
Interested in brain science, raw food, great music, challenging myself, changing the world. You know, normal stuff...
Go to the profile of Lifestyle Maniacs
Lifestyle Maniacs
We write Lifestyle articles, mainly Health, Fitness, Self-development, and Personal Finance.
Go to the profile of Ilro Lee
Ilro Lee
A little smile can go a long way
Go to the profile of Brooke Kochel RN
Brooke Kochel RN
Mama, Midwife, Shamanista: Just a gypsy soul learning to grow roots. Featured & Tweeted by Medium. Words in Better Humans, An Injustice & The Pink.
Go to the profile of Daniel J Klein
Daniel J Klein
Award-winning Iowa Writers Workshop Alumni. Querying his first novel, Lost In Los Alamos, and available to literary agents. https://medium.com@CoffeeHouseBlog
Go to the profile of Romy von Erlea
Romy von Erlea
design, insights and whatever else is on my mind - Notion certified ✔
Go to the profile of Agnes Simigh
Agnes Simigh
I’m curious to discover places that seldom catch the attention of the media. Do not only visit but also look behind the scenes! My blog: www.voiceofguides.com
Go to the profile of Tobe Ludlow
Tobe Ludlow
Freelance Writer, Web Developer & Indie Hacker.
Go to the profile of BudiaVolk
Writer | Translator | I write about pop culture, popular science, history, and interesting Islamic cultural topics. I hope you enjoy it! :)
Go to the profile of Denis Trbara
Denis Trbara
Light-hearted optimist. Curios by nature, passionate about people and their stories.
Go to the profile of Nikhil Reddy Pakala
Nikhil Reddy Pakala
I am an MBA grad with couple of startup experiences and kicked off a career in product management, Curious to know things. Shall write on all interesting topics
Go to the profile of Domini Aganinta
Domini Aganinta
Eldest of 10. Paid to Eat. Future #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. I talk about careers, relationships, and reflections on books, films, shows, and lyrics.
Go to the profile of Marichelle E. Urquico
Marichelle E. Urquico
I write about Self-Improvement and Personal Finance.
Go to the profile of Pam Winter
Pam Winter
Christian. Wife. Mimi and animal lover. Owner of ‘Boomers, Bitches, and Babes.’ I write essays on many things, plus memories. Humorous, snarky and blush proof.
Go to the profile of Warren Patterson
Warren Patterson
Freelance Writer. Owner of the travel pub "Globetrotters". Editor of “New Writers Welcome.” I like to write about travel, life and humor.
Go to the profile of Anand S
Anand S
Helping developers solve notifications @ https://engagespot.co
Go to the profile of Leah
Creative writer + Sociologist making you think deep about the impacts of trauma and the world around us all. 9X Top Writer.
Go to the profile of Anneke Campbell
Anneke Campbell
I’ve been writing so long I’m almost finished with my memoir of the Holocaust.
Go to the profile of Evan Watkins
Evan Watkins
Coauthor of Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (out in Feb). I write the Psychology of Emotions, Fiction, Surfing
Go to the profile of Tina Celentano
Tina Celentano
Blogger, fiction writer, mom
Go to the profile of Angie Smartt
Angie Smartt
I’m just a person who ponders.
Go to the profile of Marissa Renee
Marissa Renee
Adventurer, author, ex-lawyer writing about the good life. Spent many years doing what I was “supposed” to do; now i’m living my life on my own terms. Join me!
Go to the profile of Elisabetta
Good enough human. Unsolicited advice on family, work and the efforts to balance them.
Go to the profile of James J. Davis
James J. Davis
Software developer with 30 years of experience
Go to the profile of Anony.Mom.Me
A new mother embarking on a journey of parenthood hoping to lose and find herself all at once
Go to the profile of Andy D
Andy D
I look for ways to make life better, and you get outcomes.
Go to the profile of David Rhoades
David Rhoades
I write about life as a working writer and how to practice sustained creativity for long periods. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter: https://www.rhoadey.com.
Go to the profile of Social Tech Business
Go to the profile of Chavvi Naz ✨
Chavvi Naz ✨
Writer, Noteworthy- The Journal
Go to the profile of PS
I am a radiologist from rural India. I diagnose & document problems causing malfunction of the body. My referral link https://medium.com/@nili105/membership
Go to the profile of J. Salvatore Domino
J. Salvatore Domino
J. Salvatore Domino an author and blogger. His stories run the gamut from cozy to dark.
Go to the profile of Stefan Zangerle
Stefan Zangerle
Passionate digital entrepreneur, marketer, copywriter and blogger.
Go to the profile of Ivy the Ginger Ninja
Ivy the Ginger Ninja
BSc (Psych), DipFamHist. I am a NINJA! (Or so I’ve been told, and they can’t take it back now, I’ve already had t-shirts made).
Go to the profile of Jessica Gale Friesen
Jessica Gale Friesen
Author of “This Will Not Break Me — My Personal Journey with Postpartum Depression” available on Amazon! Relatable & sassy. www.jessicagalefriesen.com
Go to the profile of Brad Creech
Brad Creech
Pastor - husband - father - pilgrim on my way to that better country (Heb. 11:16)
Go to the profile of Charlotte Stone
Charlotte Stone
Queer, language geek, ethical non-monogamist, gamer. Email me at Charlotte.Stone.Writer@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Lily A
Lily A
I write mostly about relationships, dating, and singleness. I also started a corporate blog https://medium.com/corporate-reflections. IG: @alilywriter.
Go to the profile of aswath govind
Go to the profile of Emily Forman
Emily Forman
Working towards a healthier lifestyle while blogging about it. Writing about Mental Health, Lyme Disease, Health, Goals, Organization, Writing, and Gardening.
Go to the profile of Mantel Featherson
Mantel Featherson
Behavioral Scientist at EVOLVE@50+ (www.evolve50.com) | I write stories that enable adults over 50 to live their best lives.
Go to the profile of Nick Ceschin
Nick Ceschin
Post-grad student of the human experience seeking answers to life’s critical and comical questions.
Go to the profile of Julie Amidon-Conklin
Julie Amidon-Conklin
Sleepy, cat mom, dog door opener, queen of the unfinished project, coffee addict, avid reader. https://twitter.com/JulieConklin5
Go to the profile of Runda Alamour
Runda Alamour
Finding creative space outside of my own mind. Palestinian-American mother, educator, + union organizer. 📍Asheville, North Carolina 📧 rzafreelancing@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Off-Grid Romania
Off-Grid Romania
I am a blogger, I live off the grid, I save abandoned animals, I like to write stories and to train in martial arts http://off-grid-romania.weebly.com
Go to the profile of Kim Kelly
Kim Kelly
Writer. Speaker. Espresso enthusiast. LGBTQIA. I write about retirement, aging, full-time RV living, and authenticity. She/Her. Contact: Kim@kimkellywrites.com
Go to the profile of Roberta Mirtha Maddeleine
Roberta Mirtha Maddeleine
Problems are puzzles to solve. I enjoy inspecting, introspecting and researching. As long as focus is on solution rather than problem, it’s all good.
Go to the profile of P. Puja Das
P. Puja Das
HELLO! Here, I share my thoughts and insights. Trying to become a better person than I was yesterday. Connect with me on LinkedIn- www.linkedin.com/in/ppujadas
Go to the profile of Katie
Film rolls stole my heart as a kid. Designer and photographer. Aims to write inspiring content on creativity, illustration, and photography. English and Dutch.
Go to the profile of Storm Ramsey
Storm Ramsey
I write fiction in all genres and non-fiction about my life and how to navigate the world with chronic pain and illnesses. IG & Twitter: @strmramsey
Go to the profile of Oguz Kul
Oguz Kul
Engineer, writer, music maker. Writing about everything that shapes our lives.
Go to the profile of Sam Millan
Sam Millan
Short-form content: Investing, Trading, Stocks, Performance Optimisation, Business, Ideology • Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/smlln7
Go to the profile of Divad Sanders
Divad Sanders
Covering topics around social media, smart productivity habits, and strategies to grow your brand | therebelkulture.com/divad
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Juliette Stapleton - Your Online Visibility Guide
Marketing by Human Design for coaches and experts: align your strategies with who you really are!
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Rhea Anglesey
Kiwi-Indian writer from NZ. I write Blogs|Personal Essays| MicroFiction. Educator & Lifelong learner|Aspiring Novelist. Find me at https://linktr.ee/rheawriter
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Abhijeet De Sarkar
I help experienced professionals build a knowledge side-hustle. Founder @ Hyperlearn, EM @ theButterApp
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Lee Blackwood
aka the Tasteful Traveler. Copywriter. Chef. Your basic Renaissance gal. I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, then write about it, & $ell the story.
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Eve Arnold
Service Designer. Author of ‘Occupation Happy’. New book: ‘100,000 Words’ released 23rd September.
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A.X. Bates
Words can make a difference. Theatre student writing poems about life, society, and coffee. @axybates on Instagram and Twitter.
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Gigi Creates
6+ Year Blogger. Finance Enthusiast. Lover of Coffee and Getting into Reading Books This Year.
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Heather Anderson Kokx
Writer of random thoughts that hopefully help the world.
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Zoltan Silver
Zoltan writes.
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Shehan Samarawickrama
23 year old who’s interested in way too many topics and is going to tell you his opinion on them all. Passionate about mental health, art & current affairs.
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Cecilia Henry
Dutch ex-pat, author, INFP & BA Arc student. Loves jokes, books, art & travelling. Donate a coffee: ko-fi.com/ceciliahenry ceciliahenrypublications@gmail.com
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Yong Hong Tan
A developer by day, and night. Constantly learning and evolving. Contact me at linkedin.com/in/yonghong-tan
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Vivacious Tee
Vivaciously me, Blogging is my therapy. Compellingly expressing opinions and facts on everything lol from beauty, diet, sex, parenting and just plain laughter.
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The Anonymous Hokage
Anime Lover, Joker, Fitness, Dietary And Healthy Living Enthusiast
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Writer! my topics #writing #writingtips #marketingtips #socialmedia #marketing #SEO. join linkedin.com/in/sergi-slavich-874260210/ and twitter.com/sergiwriter
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Australian Foodie
Experimental recipes, running ultramarathons or 5km, creative writing & laughing with life. Submit your recipes to Global Foodies: medium.com/global-foodies
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Lilah Carter
Where dirty laundry comes to light. lilahmcarter@outlook.com
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Anna van Hooijdonk
Reader and writer. Passionate about psychology and improving mental health services. She/her
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Casie Lamp
Critical care nurse, Casie Lamp is a board certified coach & Army veteran helping burned out nurses build resilience, master confidence, and experience more joy
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Rebecca Kojetin
Writer, speaker, musician, and multi-faceted creative — widow, mother, grandmother struggling to be the best I can be.