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Introducing ManyStories.com’s “Read Next” Recommendation Embeds

Lincoln W Daniel
Writers Guild
4 min readDec 5, 2021


A part of being a writer that most writers would rather not deal with is distribution of their works. Nonetheless, distributing your articles is important to your long-term success. The more your stories are seen, the more name recognition you build as readers increasingly engage with your content over time.

Here at ManyStories, we work hard everyday to think of new ways to help you get more eyes on your stories with as little effort on your part as possible.

Embed a “Read Next” Recommended Stories Section in Your Stories, Everywhere You Publish

Before I explain, take a look at this example of me embedding a “Read Next” section in one of my stories on Medium:

That’s why I’m excited to announce the beta launch of our newest feature: the ability to easily embed your stories around the internet wherever you publish your content. If you want to get started now, simply visit Manystories.com/me#embeds. However, I suggest reading on to learn how it works.

What’s the point of these embeds? Well, you might be familiar with writers painstakingly copying and pasting links of their previously published stories in a “Read Next” section in each of their newly published stories. This task is both inefficient and unscalable … and the results (performance) are immeasurable.

Since you already share all your stories on ManyStories, it makes sense that we help you achieve the same goal more quickly and provide measurable results. Here’s an example of one of my own “Read Next” recommendation embeds, which features relevant stories I’d like you to read after this one:

This is a live example of one of my “Read Next” embeds. Clicking on any of the stories in the carousel take you directly to the story where they are published, be that on Medium or your own blog.

With these embeds, when a user clicks the title or description of a story in the carousel, the user will be sent straight to your story wherever you published it, outside of ManyStories. Nonetheless, we will track these clicks to later show you the performance of your embeds.

How to Create Yours

Simply visit your ManyStories profile, switch to the “Embeds” tab from the top navigation bar, click “Create a Read Next Embed”, and click “Add stories”.

Then, search and add stories you’ve shared on ManyStories, and click the green “Save” button in the top right corner. You can even see the preview of your “Read Next” embed before saving.

How to Embed Your Stories on Medium

Once you’ve saved your “Read Next” embed with stories, you can click “Copy embed link” to embed your “Read Next” section in your Medium articles (if you don’t know how embedding on Medium works, read this). Your embed link for Medium will look like this one, which is one of mine:


We use Embedly, which is owned by Medium, to make your “Read Next” section display in your Medium articles and anywhere that supports Embedly. Here’s an example of how that “Read Next” embed link above looks in a Medium article:

How to Embed Your Stories on Your Blog (Wordpress and others)

If you publish your stories somewhere other than Medium, the embed link may not work for you. You may need to use an IFrame code. Of course, we provide a way for you to get the Iframe code for your “Read Next” embed; simply click the “Copy Iframe code” button. By doing that, you’ll get a piece of code that looks like this:

<iframe src="https://www.manystories.com/embed/read-next/617ef146c5495400207e4cc4" title="Read Next" width="100%" style="min-height: 620px;" />

Simply paste that code in any “Custom HTML Code” block on your blogging platform, such as Wordpress or Webflow, to display your “Read Next” embed in your stories everywhere you publish.

Create Multiple Embeds to Organize Your Recommendations

If you’re like me, you write about various topics. With ManyStories embeds, you can create multiple embeds to organize your “Read Next” story recommendations by your choice of categorization.

Sometimes, I write about the stock market, and, other times, I write about Medium. That’s why I’ve created two “Read Next” embeds on ManyStories to separate my recommendation for stories my readers should read next:

Tell us when you use it

You don’t have to do this, but we would love to hear from you all how you’re using these embeds to drive more traffic to your stories. If you write a review of ManyStories on your blog, share it on ManyStories, and click “Submit as Platform Tips & Reviews”, we’ll list it on our dedicated page of reviews about ManyStories and around the entire platform so you can get more views and SEO ranking:



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