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5 Easy to Follow Tips on How to Get Your Book Reviewed!

If you are conducting a book marketing campaign, it is very important that you make your book marketing strategy as multifaceted as possible. One great marketing method is to have your book reviewed. It is effective because book reviews are considered as a form of affirmation by most readers. And a positive book review can do wonders for your book. But if you are going to have your book reviewed, you should really have a set plan. Here are 5 Easy to follow tips for getting your book reviewed.

1. Make sure your book is in the best condition possible

Before you send in your book for review, you should really make sure that it is in the best condition possible. Remember that this book review can make or break your writing career. So double check every aspect of your book. Is the grammar, spelling and other aspects of your writing on point? How about your book cover? The formatting? Are they as perfect as can be? When it comes to having your book reviewed, it is always important that you double check every aspect of your book. This will not only enhance your chances of getting a positive review, but ease your mind as well. So be as meticulous as possible.

2. Reach out to well-known authors

If you want your book review to have weight and significance, it is always a good idea to reach out to well-known authors for book reviews. This is because these authors have already gained a great deal of success and fame. So a good word from a well-known author can really make your book more attractive to potential. Of course, authors of this caliber are masters of their craft. And they usually have very high standards. So it would not be surprising if they can be hard to impress. You might even get a bad review or two. But a positive review from a well-known author is still worth the risk.

3. Reach out to book bloggers

Aside from well-known authors yet another great source of book reviews are book bloggers. They are a great source of book reviews because they are influencers. They have a following of their own. And what they say are taken very seriously. So if you can reach out to them and get a positive review from them, you will not only gain a fan in the blogger, but in his or her fan base as well. Who knows, they might even like your book so much that they may even post a review about your book through their blogs. All in all, getting a good review from a book blogger is a great way to enhance your influence as a writer, and ensure that you have a fan base of your very own. So take the plunge and send them a copy of your book now.

4. Send your book

When sending your book to book reviewers, it is important that you be obliging and accommodating as possible. So try to send a copy of your book in various forms. It can be in the traditional copy or in PDF form, should your book reviewer prefer to read it in eBook form. This will show the reviewers that you respect their opinion.

5. Be polite and grateful no matter the results of the review

When you send your book review request, you should do so in the most polite and respectful way possible. Remember that you are asking for a very big favor. You are asking the book reviewer to dedicate a great deal of his or her time to read and review your book. And no matter the results, whether it is a positive review or a negative one, you should still show courtesy and thank the reviewer.

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