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Most Users Miss Out on Key Features During Their Free Trial

Usability and customer service are the cornerstones on which we built xColor. Before developing this software, we saw a real need in the marketplace for cloud-based color management as well as a need for brands and studios to stay true to their colors anytime, and from anywhere.

After our launch, we received lots of positive feedback. We’re glad to hear xColor is already making the job of designers easier. In this article, we will answer some questions we have received thus far about our product. It’s important to us that every user knows how to use xColor effectively to get the most out of their free trial.

What is xColor and how does it work?

xColor is a simple-to-use color management tool. Users upload PDFs to xColor to accurately change or manage the color profile of any PDF file. xColor uses DeviceLink technology to make sure colors are translated from screen to print (RGB to CMYK) without losing any vibrancy of the original image.

To use xColor, follow these easy step-by-step instructions after creating your new xColor account:

  1. Create a queue by choosing a target color profile for your files, you can create as many queues as you need.

2. Name your Queue and select target profile

3. Click ‘Choose Files’ and select the file you would like to color convert or click and drag the file into the upload window

4. Wait for your file to be converted to your chosen profile

5. Click ‘download’ to view and save the file on your computer

Why do I need xColor?

As a designer, marketing professional, or artist, color conversion is required to keep colors you see on your screen consistent with the colors you print. This is needed because digital screens read color data in RGB (red, green, blue) while printers read color data in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Because different devices read colors differently, there needs to be a way to translate one to the other.

xColor translates the colors of an RGB screen to a CMYK printer to keep the colors as consistent as possible.

Read more about the importance of color consistency here.

How much does xColor cost?

xColor features a Free Trial, and plans start at $49 per month.

xColor has plans for freelancers, small studios, and worldwide corporations. Our three plans can be found here.

I have created a Queue & converted a PDF. How do I download this file to my desktop?

  1. To download the color converted image from the xColor website, click download.

2. The file you just converted will open in another tab. Click the download button in the top right corner to save in your files.

Other than a straight conversion from ISOcoatedv2 to PSR_LWC_STD_V2_PT does your workflow do anything else? Tweak colours? Enhance contrast for horrid dirty substrates? Sharpen for news etc?

Depending on the color profile, we do provide a bit of sharpening for you file. We don’t edit your colors at all! xColor is all about keeping your colors pure and consistent.

Where can I find tutorials?

Once you sign-up for xColor, you’ll receive a welcome email containing a tutorial video on our tool.

We’re also building a tutorial library on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to get the latest updates on videos and tutorials. Alternatively, you can check out the xColor Medium page containing tips, tricks, and blogs on accurate color management.

Interested in a Demo of xColor? Schedule one here!

If you have more questions about xColor, feel free to shoot us a message. We’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.



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