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2 min readMay 12, 2020


By Nadine A. Jack

Nadine A. Jack

I joined Ducorp XTM during its Arcadia stage, and what appealed to me most was their F*ck Fake attitude.

Everything that Ducorp, and by extension, XTM does is genuinely authentic.

I think that appeals significantly to clients and also my team members.

Our team is a cohesive collection of people from all parts of the world.

Each of our unique differences brings immense value to our roles, and regardless of timezones, everyone gets their job done as each person is dependent on another to execute their tasks.

The result represents our perspectives and talents.

Examples of content I have written based on the collaborations of our team are viewable via the below links:

I’m excited to enter this new Nebula stage, and I’m ready to embrace all the challenges it will bring, considering the current state of the world.

I believe that our team has the vision, passion, discipline, and determination to evolve Ducorp into an exemplary example of what leadership and empathy in business should look like.

So here’s to Nebula and beyond!

XTM; 2020.



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