Name Change! We’re Now XY The Persistent Company

Jenn Perez
Dec 21, 2018 · 2 min read

There are roughly 12 quintillion articles on the Internet about company names, and 99.99999% of them agree on one thing: Whenever possible, a company’s name should be meaningful and memorable. This matters.

And ever since we started building out XYO Network, we’ve kind of been in this in-between zone, name-wise. Are we the XY Findables company? Yes. Are we XYO Network? Yes. But it was still a little confusing for people outside the XY Hacker Headquarters.

Then, over the last year, we dialed things up to 11! We released a new line of findables (XY4s!). We added dozens of employees. We executed our first smart contract with a drone. We made our Winternet live. We signed a deal to launch a satellite via SpaceX. We launched on two exchanges (with more to come) and unveiled our Intelligent Exchange Strategy (IES).

Suddenly, finding a meaningful and memorable name — something that represented the colossal change and vertical trajectory of our company — became a much bigger priority. We needed something powerful and modern and forward-focused that captured the very spirit of XY and XYO. And we found it.

We are no longer XY The Findables Company

We are now…

XY The Persistent Company

Logo to be revealed soon!

This is a name with a dual meaning. It focuses on one powerful word.

Persistent: Continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Last year, company sales were just over $440,000. We were still getting our bearings. We were still figuring out the direction of our company.

But we were determined to move forward, even as some very influential people wrote off blockchain as a “fad”. They were wrong, by the way!

In early October of this year, we released another financial report — showing $15 million in sales.

That’s persistence!

There’s also a theme in blockchain called persistence. An ancient historical document (an article from CIO magazine in 2016) explained it well:

Because of consensus and the digital record, blockchain transactions can’t catch fire, be misplaced or get damaged by water.

So, no matter what happens, blockchain transactions live on. They exist despite calamity, despite chaos, despite massive change. That, my friends, is persistence.

As we push forward into another year, and XY unveils a bold, new roadmap (to be revealed soon), we’re doing so as XY The Persistent Company. We are still the same hardworking, persistent team with the radical goal of changing the world, we just have an awesome new name to describe us.

XYO Network

XYO is building the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer data sharing network.

Jenn Perez

Written by

Lead Content Manager, XYO Network. Former LA Times Reporter. I write about blockchain, cryptocurrency, transportation, smart cities, and the future.

XYO Network

XYO is building the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer data sharing network.

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