Spatial Report #3: Panels, Sessions and Speeches

So, I’m going to jump right in here. Let’s talk about goals. If you’re going to Spatial — or plan on joining us at the show (tickets are 60% off for XY investors and XYO holders — RIGHT NOW) — ask yourself this question:

What do I hope to take away from the very first XYO conference in existence?

Let’s do a survey, shall we? Which one best describes you?

  1. I’m all about XYO crypto. I want to mine it, HODL it, talk about endlessly. I’ve rocked my XYO t-shirt all around town, and I have Drumma Boy’s XYO anthem on permanent replay. I not only love XYO, I AM XYO.
  2. I’m super-excited about blockchain. I’m constantly reading about how great it is. I’m going to Spatial to hear about the mind-blowing use-cases from the people who are actually building the dApps and chains.
  3. I’m pure enterprise. I love to network. I’m heading to Spatial to see what the big companies could do with blockchain technology, because they’re the ones that will change the world.
  4. I’m a Dev. It’s dApps and demos for me.
  5. I’m a mix of all of these. Don’t put me in a box!
  6. I just want to meet Dennis Rodman.

So, here’s the great news. We’ve carefully planned out Spatial sessions and panels for each and every audience. Take in the latest news on Smart Cities, and then learn how to build a massive mining rig. Get the download on location as a heuristic, and then dive into building your own dApp.

You can do all of this at Spatial, and top it off with a massive, OPEN BAR party, featuring a basketball legend who not only loves crypto, he helped broker what may be the biggest peace treaty of our time — Dennis Rodman.

That’s right. Dennis Rodman + open bar. Seriously. Get your tickets now.

But to give you a nice little preview of the groundbreaking educational content, here’s a list of sessions that align with your mindset, whether you’re in a crypto, blockchain, dev or enterprise kind of mood.

If you’re in a blockchain / “just show me the future” kind of mood:

Smart Cities, Future Tech, and Capital 2.0

Earlier this year, we formed a partnership with CAS Smart City, one of China’s leading Smart City Platform manufacturers, to deliver location data that be sent and processed by an ultra high-tech street pole that can be used to dispense wifi, thin traffic, and even help people during natural disasters. This panel will take things even further, digging into the truly amazing but totally possible.

And who knows what’s on the horizon better than the people who fund startups, run the publications covering the tech industry, and advise on some of the most exciting projects in the works right now? Take 45 minutes on Saturday to get the download from Paul Hynek of EZ Numbers, David Kim of Blue Block Capital, and Ismail Malik of BlockchainLab.

If you’re in an XYO-4-Ever / Geo Mining kind of mood:

Geo Mining Technicals: Building Your Own XYO Archivist Rig

If you know even just a tiny bit about Geo Mining, you know that it can suck up a tremendous amount of resources. But the bigger the rig, the bigger the payout, so for many people, assembling a monster rig is must-do project.

For this special session, we’ve gathered some of our brightest minds (Senior Blockchain Engineer — Carter “Big Head” Harrison, XYO Blockchain Develop Nate “Machete” Brune, Data Scientist Erik Saberski, and one of our most beloved Telegram personalities and XYO HODLers, Pizza Mind (not his real name, obviously). In this panel, you’ll learn the ins and outs of building your own rig in the safety and comfort of your own home, garage, or anywhere else that affords the space to stretch out, place a lot of moving pieces on the floor, and build.

If you’re in a “tell me — what’s so great about location data?” kind of mood…

XYO 101: Oracles, Location, IoT, Privacy, Why Location as a Heuristic

Whether you’re super-pumped about our blockchain location network tech, or you know absolutely nothing about it, this is your chance to get a bird’s eye view of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Led by two Co-Founders, Arie Trouw and Scott Scheper, this panel promises to deliver the answers to tons of XYO questions…if you’ve got ‘em.

If you’re in a dev-y / “I just want to create something cool” mood:

XYO dApp Stack: dApploy, dApper, dAche, and more.

If you’re ready to create a dApp, test out a Smart Contract, or just want info on our SDKs and what you can do with them, park yourself in the session that explains all the tools you’ll need in your dev kit to work with blockchain — and more. With an all-developer panel — XYO’s Kevin Weiler, Lead Blockchain Engineer, CJ McGregor, Back-end Blockchain Developer, and Rasheed Bustamam, Senior Front-end Developer — you’ll learn about our popular SDKs: dApper, dAche and dApploy.

We’re still adding to our schedule, and next week we’ll introduce some of our top-notch speakers. In the meantime, book your room (we have discounts), rent a car, get a plane tickets, and get your tickets now…when they’re 60% off…if you’re an investor.