My Year in Reverse (Re-view 2015)

Photo by Ales Krivec

In honor of ☞ one of my favorite posts of this year — titled “I wrote this down.”— I’m writing my “year in review” in reverse. So you can re- view my work or view it for the first time. Enjoy!

Reading begets writing begets reading

  • The ☞ last post* I wrote was an homage to one of my most avid readers. I loved (stole) her Facebook post of her 3rd grade “deep” coverage of a pizza party. (Spoiler: it lasted “ALL of fifth period.”)
Before that I
Before that I

Look, I am your father!

“I got you”— as well as
A Happy Memory for an Otherwise Somber Birthday and
Re: Say My Name.

[*addendum: After writing this year in review, The Lighthouse also published my post ☞ A Book, A Medium, A Writer and Father.]

Before that I

Talk about: Pop Culture

I, of course, touched upon:


The Joy of Missy Elliott
All Your Questions Answered, Ariel 
I ❤ Usher. I just wish he’d use his powers for good.



Before that I

My Wife, My Daughter

  • My year, my life and nothing I write could be complete without the two lovely women I get to be with daily: my better 85% ☞ my wife Kate and the beautiful monster astronaut ladybug that is our daughter. One of the first things I wrote, I wrote for them and about them — because neither of them will remember the moment of:

Thanks for reading, see you next year!

(speaking of, read ahead: [Posts From The Near Future]:)