YGG Deepens Support for Ronin with Release of YGG Superquests In-Game Trainer for Axie Infinity: Origins

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Since 2023, Ronin has been the fastest-growing blockchain designed for gaming. There has been at least 10x growth among daily active users, thanks to the continued success of games like Axie Infinity and Pixels. Over 1.2 million new addresses joined in the past year, and the numbers keep growing.

A big part of the chain’s success can be attributed to intuitive onboarding, efficient user acquisition, and effective retention strategies. YGG has played an important role in cultivating this new exciting environment filled with rewards and new experiences.

One of the successes of the past year is the Axie Infinity: Origins Superquests campaign. With the recent launch of Origins Season 7, YGG has released new Superquests inside the game, designed to challenge the most dedicated players and reward those who push their skills to the limits. YGG Guild Advancement Program (GAP) Ambassador Kookoo and YGG Elite player spamandrice also return as mentors to help players make the most out of their time playing Axie Infinity: Origins.

The Ronin ecosystem is the fastest-growing gaming blockchain today.

“It’s been such an honor for me to have a platform like Superquests where I can contribute my skills and my passion for Axie to introduce more players to the ecosystem,” said Kookoo. “Seeing the community’s response to the first campaign was incredibly fulfilling, and it means a lot to be featured right inside the game where I can more easily reach the newcomers looking for guidance. My involvement with Superquests continues to inspire me to keep learning and leveling up alongside the community as we grow not just in number but in our impact.”

A mailbox notification and banner announcing the new Superquests is now in Origins, taking players to the Superquests page on the YGG website. The page now has a Training Center, which features quests that are accessible to players at any time, including updated versions of Kookoo’s “Getting Started” quest and spam’s “Mastering Origins” quest.

To take part in the Origins Season 7 Superquest, players need a Quest Pass, a badge that can be minted for 5 YGG tokens. The quests are found above the Training Center, with three new levels of quests from spamandrice centered on the Gem Store and the new Evolution mechanic. The Gem Store was introduced late last year as a way for players to buy off-chain gems that they can use for special items, new Axies, and cosmetics. Evolution is another new feature where players can use materials to evolve Axie parts.

“Getting Rank 1 multiple times last season was a huge blessing for me, but more importantly a big learning lesson as well. I hope to bring everything I learned into Season 7, and I hope to share some of those with you as well! I’m super excited to do this through Superquests,” said spamandrice. “To my community, I’m wishing you the best of luck this season. I can’t wait to see your progress and I hope you grind hard to get the biggest rewards. I know I’ll be seeing you soon in Arena — make sure to take it easy on me!” he added.

The Axie Infinity: Origins Superquests in-game trainer guides players as they get started in the game.

With the in-game trainer, new players can learn how to create and connect their Ronin wallet, craft items and build team comps. The guides feature Kookoo and spamandrice, two pillars of the community who have been active in promoting the game and sharing their knowledge to help others improve their skills. Aside from being YGG’s GAP Ambassador, Kookoo is a community mentor and a validator candidate for the Ronin network. Meanwhile, spamandrice is an Axie champion and one of the game’s top players.

“We’ve designed Season 7’s content to be as specialized and in-depth as ever, with the most strategic shopping tips from spamandrice,” said YGG Global Head of Growth Angel Pui. “The rewards are also better than ever before, with the second edition spamandrice achievement badge at the end, exclusive to 600 players only.”

Superquests is a reflection of the guild’s priority on providing gamified experiences that add a new layer of fun to web3 gaming. By introducing web3’s biggest games to new players through bite-sized tutorials and level progression, the initiative has pioneered questing as a model for user acquisition while driving player retention as they connect with the community. Tying into the guild’s Reputation and Progression (RAP) system, Superquests also enables YGG members to build their YGG profile and on-chain reputation through the soulbound achievement badges they earn after completing certain quests.

“The YGG Superquests program is a pivotal part of our education and activation effort for Axie Origins,” said Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Sky Mavis. “With part evolution now live in Origins, we’re seeing a surge in interest, especially from those that re-entered our ecosystem during the recent Axie Classic comeback.”

YGG continues to aim for a supportive and collaborative web3 gaming community, helping ecosystems like Ronin grow by creating innovations that enrich players’ journeys as they explore web3 through games. Superquests has been a way to increase engagement and bring in new players amid the Crypto Winter. The growth that Superquests delivers to Axie Infinity: Origins is a demonstration of YGG’s commitment to its network and the continued advancement of the broader web3 community.

Head over to the YGG dapp to discover all-new Superquests in Axie Infinity: Origins.

Can’t wait to climb up the ranks in Origins Season 7? Download the game from the Axie Infinity website and explore the Superquests in-game trainer. New players can start playing for free and explore the Axie Infinity universe.



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