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Meet YSYS and WIN Tech Career Scholars Class of 2020

In February 2020 we teamed up with The Workforce Integration Network, The Mayor of London and Jolt, to launch a unique programme — The Tech Career Scholarship, supporting young black men to develop tech and employability skills. We had over 60 applications in two weeks and had a tough decision to make, but we’re excited to have awarded 10 talented young black men with a Scholarship.

Since then, our Scholars have completed 6 weeks of training, supported by Jolt, where they have mastered the art of design thinking, developed negotiation skills, curated epic CV’s, networked with awesome companies such as Niantic, RedBull, Culturetool, Facebook and been inspired by personal career stories from individuals such as Andy Davis, Andy Ayim Malik Agboola, Bola Awoniyi, and Boris Tane.

From April to October 2020, our Scholars will be moving onto chapter 2 of their Scholarship where they will be mentored by a fellow Black man in tech to support them reach their career goals, from new job opportunities to further training. Thank you to Dayo Gabriel, Mark Agyakwa, Alfie Darko, Jermaine Craig, Nathaniel Okwena Ivan Beckly, Siji Ogunsola, Samson Antony, Azeez, Gary McPherson who have volunteered their time to support our amazing Scholars.

We already have some amazing success stories and testimonials from our Scholars and are looking forward to the journey ahead, despite the current uncertain times.

“The YSYS Tech Careers programme has started a new chapter in my life. Coming from a graphic design background, and desiring to transition into Design Tech, the structure of programme allowed me to learn from career experts, building my personal development and learning from an amazing mentor.

The relationships built amongst the YSYS community granted my first Tech role as a UX/UI Designer, a bonus just days after the programme finished. I have gained confidence in my ability to advance in my career and tell the world my story. I want to be able to create meaningful experience and change the way people think using design. I like new beginnings because I know there is more to come.”

Claude Lukkz, YSYS Tech Career Scholar, UX / UI Design Intern

Thank you to all our Partners who made The Tech Career Scholarship possible.

“The Workforce Integration Network (WIN) commissioned these pilots because we want to enhance the skills and opportunities for young black men to successfully progress into the growth sectors of tech and construction by working with organisations already doing great work supporting underrepresented groups.

We truly believe that there is no limit to the potential of the young men we engage through the activities of WIN and this pilot delivered by YSYS, and look forward to celebrating the success achieved by the YSYS pilot cohort”

Rommell Wallace, Programme Coordinator, GLA

.. and now we would like to officially welcome you to CONGRATULATE our Scholars, on graduating from The Tech Career Scholarship Class 2020.

“What YSYS is doing with the UK tech community is needed to help create a brighter future not just for the young people we supported but everyone, because when the best talent is given a fair shot then we all win.”

Claud Williams, Programme Manager, Tech Career Scholars

We are actively seeking opportunities for our Scholars from software engineering, UX design, to business development and product management internships and permanent roles.

Our Scholars are open to a myriad of opportunities where they can apply what they have learned and grow within a tech company committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture.

If you have an open opportunity please post on our free jobs board HERE and email: deborah@thisisysys.com.



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